Watch Eddie Vedder Unload On What Trump’s Doing At Mexican Border: ‘F*ck You, F*ck You!’


Eddie Vedder unloaded on President Donald Trump and ICE at Pearl Jam’s show in London on Monday.

During extended intro to “Love Boat Captain” Ed says “I would like to send this one to the guy who is in White House back in the United States. I would like him to hear it but he doesn’t listen to music or read books. Could someone tweet this to him or something? For Mom’s and Dad’s and children being separated at the border. That isn’t the country I remember.” Ed asks Mike to get aggressive and then yells “fuck you, fuck you”)

He later ranted again before “Daughter” and “WMA.”

“When you think about the border and think about the states and they make it seem normal I hope they remember that next time it could be them…Fuck, I am still thinking about that. This is a love song from a mother to her child.”
14. Daughter

He sang, “Police man..border man..” and asked the audience for help. He also sang, “Border man stopped my brother today.”

  • N.

    Funny that he never said anything when Barack Hussein was in office. It’s his fucking policy Eddie that was passed into law in 2015. Trump is just enforcing the law. These liberals are the absolute worst. And another thing, you don’t want them arrested and separated? Don’t fucking come over illegally.

    • Elena Allen

      You trump supporters are heartless and the absolute worst. It is not illegal to apply for asylum! YOU ARE WHAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICA AND HUMANITY. Shame on all of you.

      • N.

        And who’s policy is this? Your boy obummer. Right? Right? You morons seem to dismiss the facts

      • Shane99

        You liberals do nothing but spew your echo-chamber stupidity on an endless loop.

        Completely delusional.

        Dense as a tree stump.

      • cmlukey

        And who determines the criteria for “asylum” moron? Never mind that very few are asylum seekers. Traditionally that only applied to the politically or religiously persecuted, not economic migrants. Ever country on the planet has a right to determine its immigration law, except the US, right, you leftist dope?

  • John

    These people live in plush mansions with private security and never have to deal with the consequences of these liberal policies. Meanwhile the gangsta rappers rap about trafficking drugs and robbing us.

  • cmlukey

    Wahhh! FO you leftist idiot. This guy is one of the most annoying/least talented “rock stars” on the planet.