Ex-Pearl Jam Drummer’s Surprising Reaction To Band Being Confirmed For Rock Hall of Fame


UPDATE: Click here for further comments from Dave Abbruzzese. Also, we very clear in this story when posting Abbruzzese’s status, had the words he put (From my friend Kari) to start off his post, showing that the first comments were him re-posting his friend’s thoughts, followed by his own brief statement, so any media outlets reposting this who are too lazy to realize that should re-read the article.

Former Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese posted the following on Facebook in response to Pearl Jam being confirmed for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class of 2017, with himself not being part of the inducted lineup.

(From my friend Kari)
“So… Rock & Roll Hall of Fucktardia. Ergh.
It makes absolutely zero sense to me…
I’m just gonna shove this statement up someone’s arse:

“As the original ballot is created, the members of each eligible band are determined by largely who was present and active during the most influential recording years.”

I’m not sure how 275+ live shows and 38% of record sales doesn’t fit their criteria… “

I may write more about this as time travels on… As for now, I look forward to sharing my first solo album with you all. Thank you for sharing your opinions & for your love & support.

Abbruzzese also shared a post from an unhappy supporter, and responded to another calling his exclusion ‘bullshit.’ Alternative Nation has reached out to Abbruzzese about doing an interview but we have yet to receive a response.