How Rock and Metal Music Features in the Gaming Industry


Most people know that over the years a strong link has been developed between the world of movie entertainment the world of gaming, with many games based around big hit movies and many movies based on popular games. However, the link between the gaming and entertainment industries doesn’t end there, as there is also a very strong connection between music and gaming. Rock and metal music, for example, has been featured in the gaming industry in a range of ways, with both games being based on rock bands and also the songs of the bands being featured in some games. Bands have been featuring in the gaming industry for decades but the platforms have changed in line with the times, moving from board and retro arcade games to today’s high tech virtual slot games.

Different ways in which rock music and games are connected

There are a number of ways in which rock music and the games industry are connected. For example, Kiss enjoyed success with a dedicated board game back in the 1970s, which was the Kiss on Tour board game where players were able to follow the band as they toured. Another metal band that was the subject of a board game a few years ago was the Swedish symphonic metal band Therion, on which the 011 game from Paolo Vallerga was based. In the 1990s, the music of the band Aerosmith featured in the shooter arcade game Revolution X.


Over recent years, our move into the digital age has seen rock bands and their music being featured in more advanced games such as online slots from sites such as Royal Vegas Online Casino. Players can enjoy a choice of exciting slot game options at Royal Vegas Online Casino, with an excellent choice of slots that combine thrilling gaming with great music. Bands such as Guns ‘n’ Roses have had their music featured in games, enabling players to enjoy their distinctive sound while they are playing. Of course, rock bands also have their own slot games based on the bands themselves such as the aforementioned Kiss and 1980s rockers Bon Jovi.

While most games feature some sort of music, those that incorporate rock and metal music tend to be far more immersive and exciting to play. This is because the distinctive sound and even the lyrics of this genre of music tends to draw people in and this also makes it easier to become immersed in the game itself, as it adds more excitement and more of a thrill for those who are playing. With rock music and heavy metal becoming increasingly popular and accepted in the world of music, it is likely that the music and the bands themselves will continue to be featured in various areas of the gaming industry.