Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Filmed Dancing With A-List Actress At Gay Bar


Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain has filmed new video of herself dancing at the Abbey Food and Bar in Hollywood. The Abbey Food and Bar is a two-time winner of the MTV Logo Best Gay Bar In The World Award.

In the second video seen below, Frances Bean Cobain dances with actress Billie Lourd, the daughter of the late Carrie Fisher. Lourd appears in the new Star Wars filmed and starred in the FOX television series Scream Queens.

A Yelp review described the bar as, “As far as gay bars with 90% naked dancers go, I felt that this one was rather wholesome. Everyone was really respectful while still having a good time. Nobody got into a fight or harassed anybody and the DJ was on point. People were throwing money at these hard-working Americans and the bartenders/servers were doing a great job.

I came here with my company so all expense weeeee. The bathrooms were very nice but a bit dark, so don’t fall in. It was actually kind of classy and conveniently had the sinks outside the restrooms rather than uncomfortably inside. Lots of stalls like 10 or something.

Dance floor was a bit small as people came piling in around 10:00 pm on a Wednesday night. Was pretty empty around 9:00 pm though.

It was a pretty even distribution of bot female and male. Even the dancers rotated and gave each other breaks. Very balanced.”

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    Of little interest.

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      Of zero interest. No one cares. Except this Brett guy. Creepy

  • Sean Lennon said it best – “The only reason media gives me attention is because I have famous parents.”

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    Who cares, they’re just young girls out having a good time – big deal!

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    So has this site become the official stalker of ‘Kurt Cobain’s Daughter’?

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    Carrie Fisher’s daughter is far from being an A-List actress.

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