Mick Jagger Terrifying Health Bombshell Leaks


The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger certainly got shaken following the death of his bandmate Charlie Watts. This week, the National Enquirer reported Jagger got spooked after his bandmate Charlie Watts passed away at age 80.

Mick Jagger wants to make some changes his to lifestyle

Apparently, Jagger and the remaining Stones—Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood—are making some big lifestyle changes to ensure they don’t meet the same fate. “They never thought this day would come, but it’s turned out for the best and made them a lot sharper and happier—on stage and off,” one source stated.

“They used to think nothing of partying for days on end—especially Keith. Now they turn down party invites all the time, and most nights they’d rather stay home with a mug of tea.” And sources say Wood’s death hit Jagger especially hard.

“Mick’s terrified he’ll be the next to go, and he’s doing everything he can now to make up for all his years of excessive living. He’s constantly popping vitamins and downing all sorts of healthy elixirs,” the tipster muses. “They’re simply too old to keep up those rock star antics!”

The Stones were accused of still partying the nights away before Watts’ passing. But that just isn’t true. The band has completely cleaned up their acts over the last couple of decades. Even Keith Richards, who arguably struggled the most with sobriety, gave up alcohol in 2018. It wasn’t Watts’ death that inspired them to change their ways. They individually made that decision in their own time. However, the passing away of Watts has certainly given them an opportunity to take a different outlook on life.

Jagger recently opened up about how much he misses his bandmate. “I miss Charlie on many levels. Like, I miss wanting to play him this new groove and I want to say how badly England have done in the Test match yesterday. You know, I miss him a lot,” Jagger admitted.