New Details On Journal Discovered Near Chester Bennington’s Body


Below is from the County of Los Angeles, Department of Coroner Investigator’s Narrative report on late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington:

His primary medical doctor was Dr. William Lang. The decedent had been prescribed antidepressants in the past but had not used them in over a year. He also used Ambien occasionally. He was currently in an outpatient treatment program and was supposed to be sober. He flew home from their family cabin in Arizona on the night of 07/19 because he had a work event scheduled for 07/20. She last communicated with him via text message on the night 07/19 after his plane landed in Los Angeles. She stated the Uber vehicle that arrived on 07/20 was sent by the band management. She stated the journal found on the nightstand was one he maintained for his outpatient treatment program. She also stated that she did not find a suicide note in his phone. I also asked her about the fingernail pieces and she stated that he often does that when anxious.

Scene description:

The scene was the upstairs bedroom in a home located at the above location. The decedent was observed hanging with a ligature around his neck. The ligature was a black leather belt with a metal buckle engraved with “Hugo Boss.” The belt was looped around the decedent’s neck then through the buckle, before extending up towards the door frame. The belt passed between the top edge of a door and the door frame. The belt passed between the top edge of a door and the door frame. The belt passed between the top edge of a door and the door frame. The buckle was at the posterior of the decedent’s neck. The height of the door frame was 65 inches. From the floor to the level of the buckle at the decedent’s neck was 48 inches. The ligature measured from the buckle at the neck to the tip of the belt was 28 inches. In the decedent’s front left pocket was an American Airlines folded boarding pass in his name for flight 640 from Phoenix to Los Angeles. In his front right pocket were coins.

To the left of the decedent was a nightstand on top of which was an iPhone that was password protected. The passcode was required to enable Touch ID. Underneath the phone there were multiple fingernail pieces. The door of the nightstand was ajar. There was another iPhone (or iPod) inside the nightstand but it was powered off. The lamp on the nightstand was powered on. There were also fingernail pieces on a table attached to a sofa in the bedroom.

On a dresser in the room was a prescription for Zolpidem 10mg containing one tablet broken in half. It was prescribed to [redacted] was filled on 06/29/2017. It had been removed from the nightstand adjacent to the decedent by paramedics, as reported by Officer Belda. Also on this dresser was a one pint glass bottle of Corona, less than half full.

On the counter of an attached bathroom was an empty glass bottle of Stella Artois, two bottle caps (Stella and Corona), two pairs of glasses, a wallet, and a towel. There was an empty 7-Eleven bag on the floor of the bathroom. There was a gray shirt in the hamper in the bathroom. The trash can in the bathroom was empty.

Also in the bedroom I discovered a journal with handwritten apparent biography that was not dated. There was also a typed apparent biography in another nightstand.

  • Nicola

    Says 2 pairs of (drinking) glasses, one empty Stella and one half empty Corona. Who was there drinking with him?

    • BranFAN

      Anyone with sense would know “a pair of glasses” are eyeglasses.

      • Nicola

        Not the way it was worded. It mentions the empty Stella bottle and 2 bottle caps being next to the glasses. One could infer that meant drinking glasses. It did not specify. In any case since there were 2 different brands of beer, I was wondering about the possibility of a sevond person having a drink with him. As in the Chris Cornell case, there was a time gap between time of death and time the body was discovered. In Chester’s case, the housekeeper left at night and found his body the next morning, at which time he was definatrly dead

  • Kay B

    Why do I feel like I read the same sentence twice? I thought I was going mad.

  • Tara McGavan

    What was bought at 711. ? TWO DIFFERNT SINGLE BEER BOTTLES? Receipt ?