Pearl Jam Member Wants Donald Trump ‘Punished’ When He Dies


Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament detailed why he hopes God is real so he can punish President Donald Trump when he dies in a new Kerrang interview.

“Until the last year and a half, it felt like there was hope, that the glass was half-full,” he elaborates. “But it feels a little bit now that the glass is half-empty. I think it’s because you have certain leaders who don’t seem to care, they’re looking for ways to make money immediately, and make money for their friends, and the environment isn’t a part of that. Or the big picture isn’t a part of that.”

This is really where the concept of heaven and hell, and the faith that sustains them, becomes important: is our destiny in our own hands or that of a divine presence?

“I’m still curious about all of that,” he explains. “Just living and not knowing what happens to all this energy when we’re gone… Even looking into space and the infinite [nature] of it – or the finite [nature] of it, depending – it’s awesome to have that magic exist. And I want to believe, I want more than anything for there to be a just God who will punish Donald Trump when he dies.”

Pearl Jam members have attacked the President for awhile now, wearing masks onstage and changing lyrics of songs to insult him, but this is probably the darkest quote yet from the legendary Seattle band.