Top 5 Las Vegas Rock Festival Lineups


Las Vegas! The city that never sleeps. Without doubt, Vegas is one of the absolute landmark cities you absolutely must visit; at least once. The lights, the sounds, the energy. It’s electric in every sense of the word. The city is so jampacked with exciting adventures to behold it’s intoxicating. With so much to see and so much to do, experiencing the exhilaration of hitting up one of the classic casinos is an experience like no other. Nowadays though, you’d be forgiven if the lure of the casino isn’t you number one draw to Sin City. Las Vegas has firmly established itself as a prime destination for live music concerts and music festivals.

Rest assured though, if you need a break from getting your face rocked off, casinos are the perfect escape from the boiling Nevada sun. How can you go wrong with seeing one of your favorite bands and hitting it big on the casino floor? Whether you go all in on a game of Texas Hold’em or bet it all on black at the roulette table, there’s no shortage of enticing games of chance and luck to keep you occupied while you give your ears a rest. And if the crowd of the casino isn’t quite your style, you can always get a taste of the rush online at micro gaming casinos.

For those looking a great reason to travel to Las Vegas for some music and gambling ecstasy, here are the Top Five Las Vegas Rock Festival Lineups!

  1. Life is Beautiful Festival- 2015

2015 saw the Life is Beautiful Festival sport some truly impressive names in rock. Millenial-rock giants Imagine Dragons, Twenty-One Pilots and AWOLNATION all performed while alt-rock heroes Weezer and 80’s new wave rock legends Duran Duran took the raucous crowd on a trip back in time. Duran Duran, with their big hooks, glam-infused look and timeless anthems prove a perfect band for a Vegas festival. Killers front man and hometown hero Brandon Flowers rocked the crowd to its core with a solo set with no shortage of thrills. You can see frequent coverage of bands like The Killers and Imagine Dragons on Rolling Stone and SPIN.

  1. Las Rageous Festival- 2017

If your musical tastes lean more towards the metal side of things, Las Rageous Festival 2017 did not disappoint. The two day festival was co -headlined by rock behemoth Godsmack and modern day metal masters Avenged Sevenfold. The headbanging, thrashing affair also features thrash legends Anthrax, New Wave of American Heavy Metal legends Killswitch Engage and East Coast hard-rockers Breaking Benjamin.

  1. Life is Beautiful Festival- 2017

A reformed and rejuvenated Blink 182 brought their brand of sophomoric humor and anthemic pop-punk prowess to Las Vegas. Throw in Muse and Cage the Elephant and well, now you’ve got yourself a party. But in the smoldering Vegas heat, one band rose above the rest to lead the harge in their obscurely brilliant, albeit, un-imitable way; the Gorillaz. Honestly, is their a more unique, completely fresh and   hypnotic band than the Gorillaz. If there is, I want to see them!

  1. Life is Beautiful Festival- 2014

For the first time, this annual gathering of rock, pop and rap superstars expanded to three days. In today’s day in age in rock music, there really is only one band that can command a stage, an audience and bring a wild festival to a fantastic finish; the Foo Fighters. In 2014, Dave Grohl & company did just that. Anytime the Foo Fighters are playing in a city near you, you know it’s a must-see concert. Combined with the bright lights and enthusiasm of Vegas, the Foo Fighters provided their mission of rocking everyone to their cores. It’s not hard to imagine you may run into Dave Grohl afterwards taking the party from the stage to one of the casinos. And who knows. With a little bit of luck, maybe you’d get to play a hand of Blackjack with him.

  1. Las Rageous Festival- 2018

So, this one is a bit of a cheat. Not like card-counting, but more of a, “Hey. Here’s a good excuse to hop in a plane and get to Vegas. For the 2018 edition of the Las Rageous Festival is an absolute must see! British heavy metal legends Judas Priest, hard-rockers Five Finger Death Punch and the chaotically fantastic Clutch are just a few of the awesome bands you could be lucky enough to see. But. And this is a big but. A Perfect Circle will headline night one. Seriously. How can it get any better than that? Led by Manyard James Keenan, one of rock’s most mysterious and fascinating front men, you could bet the farm that it’ll be a festival you’ll never forget!