Watch 311 Pay Emotional Tribute To Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington & Kurt Cobain


311 Day celebrations are taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the first show on Saturday, 311 did a tribute performance to musicians that we’ve lost over the years. Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain, Chester Bennington, MCA, Tom Petty, Prince, Michael Jackson and many more were shown the love during “Wish You Were Here”.

Billboard reports that Talinda Bennington has a very special request for Linkin Park fans to honor her husband’s upcoming birthday.

The rock band’s frontman Chester Bennington would have turned 42 on March 20th. Talinda took to Twitter to ask fans that on his birthday, they post a photo of themselves holding up their hands with “I AM THE CHANGE” written on them.

The movement is part of her 320 Changes Direction initiative, launched after her husband’s suicide in July 2017. The organization aims to transform the culture and stigma surrounding mental health. Holding up “I AM THE CHANGE” hands symbolizes the five signs of emotional well-being: take care, check in, engage, relax and know.

  • Stone Gossardish

    311 will start to get a push for Hall of Fame inclusion as we get into the 2020s.

    • Mary Klein

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    • Kay B

      Incubus, Beck, Outkast and Jeff Buckley should also be in my opinion.

      • Trovoid

        Seriously. Mellow Gold and Odelay are timeless records. The same applies to Grace, there’s nothing else like it.

        • Kay B

          Loser wasn’t even the best song on Mellow. Beer Can, Pay No Mind and Nightmare Hippy Girl are so much better. Fuckin With My Head I also enjoy.

          • Trovoid

            Agreed, it definitely wasn’t. I really like the trippy stuff like Whiskeyclone, Steal My Body Home and Blackhole. I also like the crazy ones like Sweet Sunshine, Soul Suckin’ Jerk and Mutherfucker. The album is greater than the sum of its parts in my opinion. My favorite albums are the ones that seem like they tell a story or have a ‘vibe’ and don’t necessarily have any standout tracks.

          • Kay B

            Soul Suckin…oh man that song brings back memories. Wish I could go back to that time.

      • Stone Gossardish

        3 of those 4 I could see an argument for. One of them I cannot, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get a sniff one day.

        I think 311 will have a long road but whatever’s left of younger rock bands will end up pushing them over the top. They’re very good at what the do.

    • Maria Morris

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