Red Hot Chili Peppers Explain ‘Painful’ Josh Klinghoffer Firing


Josh Klinghoffer is known for being the guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers from 2009 to 2019, with whom he recorded two studio albums. Klinghoffer would also perform in the recordings of Eddie Vedder’s album Earthling and as a member of Eddie Vedder’s backing band, The Earthlings. In a new piece for Variety, Anthony Keidis and Flea would discuss Klinghoffer’s departure from the group.

Kiedis stated: “That was not easy. There was no graceful way to go about it, and we loved and cared for Josh and so, obviously, when that moment happened, it was with love and care and appreciation for who he is. He knows that and, I think, hopefully, kind of understood in a painful, f***ed-up way, like, ‘I get it.'”

Keidis also said: “My favorite part about that whole emotionally difficult experience was that, some months later, Josh went from thinking that he had been given this upsetting news to an even better set of circumstances for him. Because many times when we were playing music together and traveling, it was revealed to me that here’s this super-nerdy, intellectual music geek whose true love is Pearl Jam — which I always found peculiar, fascinating, and wonderful, to know that he was so moved by that music. And then he loses his job in our band, and a few months later, he becomes the guitarist for Eddie Vedder.

Over on the Red Hot Chili Peppers subreddit fans are issuing their early reviews for ‘Unlimited Love’, which came out on April 1st. One Reddit user stated: “Overall I might like this album more than “Stadium Arcadium”, the band sound energized and this album will sound great live. It’s heavier than most of their recent material, maybe their heaviest since “OHM”. The chemistry is still there with John, he just plays beautiful chord progressions abs can right masterful hooks. Everyone brought their “A” game, Chad’s drums sound energized and Flea has some of his best bass playing ever “Aquatic” and Whatchu Thinkin” (not to forget the bass solo on “One Way Traffic”)Anthony sounds more confident and inspired, his vocal melodies on “Bastard Of light” and “Aquatic” make him sound as good as he did on “I’m With You” (obviously Rick helped).”