Abandoned Layne Staley Music Project From 1998 Leaks


Jesse Holt uploaded a new track titled “Daily Bread” that was worked on in 1998 and intended to be part of a new release from late Alice In Chains singer Layne Staley.

“The track was given the working title ‘Daily Bread,’ but sadly we never had time to capture the lead vocals before his passing.”

Holt and Staley collaborated on “It’s Coming After” which appeared on The Second Coming’s 1995 album L.O.V.Evil. Staley and Holt collaborated on “Things You Do” a track that was worked on for a couple of years with Staley recording vocals for it as late as 1997, making it one of his final recordings. In 1998 he recorded “Get Born Again” and “Died” with Alice In Chains, and his final recording session was in late 1998 with Class of 99 to cover Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2).”

Staley had agreed to perform vocals on a track for Taproot’s 2002 album Welcome just a week or so before his death after hearing demos. Layne was actually set to record his vocals in Seattle at Robert Lang Studios in April 2002 with Alice In Chains producer Toby Wright, but tragically passed away before he could record his vocals. According to David de Sola’s book Alice In Chains: The Untold Story, the track that Staley was set to record vocals on was tentatively titled “Spacey.”

  • Matt Kraus


  • Jack

    This is a badass tune. The more staccato sound would have fit in well, I think, with the nu-metal sound that was emerging at this time. (Not that that is at all a requisite for a legend like Staley). Eager to hear more… Also, if anyone has any more material relating to Staley post-1996 or so, please share!

  • Dan Keenan

    Old news but great song

  • Diana

    The only good thing that came out of Layne’s death is that he wasn’t able to record a song with Taproot.

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  • Salt Chronicles

    I’ve posted this twice in comments lately. A “thank you” would’ve been nice.