Billy Corgan & Marilyn Manson Emotionally Reveal Why They Miss Kurt Cobain


Marilyn Manson tweeted a birthday message to late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain on Tuesday, discussing his ‘greatness.’

“Kurt Cobain’s birthday. Listen and remember his greatness.”

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan wrote, “Kurt paved the way, and raised the bar to such incredible heights. His genius should always be celebrated. And he is missed, especially on a day like today…”

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong wrote, “Happy Bday Kurt! You’re weird, you’re an amazing songwriter, and you led the charge. Your fan, BJA.”

In a new Visit Seattle: Dear Seattle video, Foo Fighters frontman and former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl discusses Seattle and Kurt Cobain. Alternative Nation transcribed Grohl’s comments.

“I’m happy that I got to experience those few years in Seattle where the city just exploded. The experiences that I had at that age, which is a really impressionable age, shaped so much about the person that I am now. I was living with my buddy Barrett in this room in the back of a house, knowing that I could have bought every house on the street, but I didn’t want to change.

I was in a band with the greatest songwriter of our generation, and all I had to do was play the drums like it was the last day of my life, so I did, every time. I had this coming of age incredible experience while I was there, and then probably the most devastating time of my life.

After Kurt died, I couldn’t even listen to music for months. No radio, no TV, nothing. I couldn’t stand the sound of music, I was scared of music, then I realized it was the one thing that was going to help me out of that place. Seattle’s lost a lot of great talent, but in some ways that loss has only strengthened our bond. When I go back to Seattle, I always rent a car and drive around to these places that I spent time. I find myself driving slower when I get to the places that broke my heart, because I want that to stay with me.

All of those lessons that were learned at that time, and all of the things that I gained, and all of the things that I lost, I still feel it. It’s still in my veins. It became this part of my DNA that serves as this divining rod wherever I go. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Seattle. It was the perfect place for a person like me. I wish Seattle would just take me back.”

  • Stone Gossardish

    If he were alive I don’t think he’d dignify either of those two. One is arguably a colleague. The other is a joke.

    • Diana

      And he’d probably hate all of this social media masturbatory.

      • Stone Gossardish

        Maybe. The guy that wrote the book on Kurt described the many ways he tried to play the media and angle for the bulk of attention. So who knows.

        I can say pretty confidently that he never could’ve imagined the internet. It wasn’t on the radar in his time.

        • astrocreep7

          He saw AOL…

    • Corndog

      Did you always think that Manson was a joke or is it just what he has become in recent years that makes you say that?

      • Stone Gossardish

        Probably everything after Dope Show has been a pretty big joke. Just look at the guy physically now. He’s like 50 still doing that act. Alice Cooper continues to do his act better than anyone else ever will. It just doesn’t work.

        Manson had something going, something just under the mainstream that scared some people. He didn’t have a bunch of tunes, he couldn’t sing, but he had something going. It wasn’t really my thing, but I could acknowledge then, that it was a thing. It’s long since become a big joke. Yet, he continues to take some people’s money.

        • Corndog

          I really like him. I love his first 5 albums and Born Villain was pretty good too. The rest of his albums aren’t great, but there are normally a few songs that are decent enough if you’re willing to spend the time mining for them.

          I disagree that he didn’t have a bunch of tunes. He has some real gems in his back catalogue. The first 5 albums are filled with some really great rock music. I also think that he could sing, granted, in a very limited range, but what he did with his voice he did well, and he was a really brilliant lyricist.

          Sadly he is a parody of his former self now and his last two albums were a little underwhelming. Probably because the people that he plays with these days just aren’t anywhere near as talented as the musicians on his older albums. I don’t like to judge people by appearances but he is just too old and too fat to do the whole dress up/makeup thing now. He ends up looking ridiculous. He used to be like a force of nature, and now he’s more like a farce of nature. Still, i can’t deny the quality of those early albums. Some awesome stuff to be found on them.

          • Stone Gossardish

            The look is an enormous part of his act, if not the primary part. That’s really why it’s not working now and it will not work in the future. It’s over.

          • Corndog

            Yeah i think it might very well be. Unless he can straighten himself out and lose some weight, but that doesn’t seem likely at this stage.

          • Stone Gossardish

            It’s not really all his fault. Male body is not made to look like it did at 25 when it’s 35 or 45. It’s just time to hang it up basically or become a little festival slot of 45 min.

          • Corndog

            God man, tell me about it:) I turn 40 in a few weeks and I’m starting to feel and look more like I’m 50!

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  • Corndog

    Remember his greatness? Let me see……nope. I got nothing.

  • DanSwon

    Didn’t Kurt Cobain hate Billy Corgan?

  • Spank Rawkins

    This list includes people Kurt either disliked while he was alive, or would have disliked had he not died. That’s funny.