Bush Performed On The Voice, But Was Gavin Rossdale Pretending To Play Guitar?


Bush performed “Mad Love” on The Voice UK, and Express and The Mirror have accused Gavin Rossdale and his bandmates of not actually performing live since their instruments were not plugged in. Rossdale was definitely singing live, though there was a backing vocal track during the chorus. Robin Goodridge’s drumset had a microphone next to it, but Rossdale, Corey Britz, and Chris Traynor’s instruments did not appear to be plugged in. Some viewers have noted that they believe the band were using wireless units, which would disprove the Express’ theory. One Alternative Nation reader said they were ‘clearly using wireless units, which every live act has used for years.’ Judges Jennifer Hudson and Tom Jones loved the performance. Watch the video below and judge for yourself!

  • Eddie Yarler

    “Talent without passion means you’re stale”. I love Bush, but Gavin epitomizes this quote now. It seems like he didn’t even try this time. This album failed completely for me. I only like three songs, and none of them are as good as the songs I enjoyed from the passed two records. Modern Bush sounds more like Lifehouse, or Dave Matthews Band than a hard rock band from the 90s.

  • Bruno Sílvio Martins

    Obviously wireless. C’mon, when was the last time those tabloids went to a show?! 1968?!

  • Bruno Sílvio Martins

    Funny thing… Jared Leto started by kind of copying Gavin and Bush, giving 30 Secs a more emo vibe back then. Now, Gavin is making generic 30 Secs kind of songs… this is a weak City of Angels or Kings and Queens or any of those 30 Secs balads… and badly sung. Jared is singing way better than Gavin these days.

  • Stone Gossardish

    If only Bush could have the career of Hall & Oates. Wishful thinking.

  • Dysnomia

    Don’t know about the live playing, but that song is a bloody mess.

    • Brian Minda

      You’re life is a bloody mess

  • Juan Pablo Viteri

    Wireless mate