Chris Cornell Reveals ‘What Brought On Depression’ And ‘Dark Periods’ In Unheard Interview


Mistress Carrie has shared a previously unheard 2007 interview with late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell. NME have transcribed portions of the interview.

Asked if at the time he was experiencing “the happiest time”, Cornell says: “There’s no comparison, really. I’ve been very fortunate and had a fortunate life, but also a really chaotic life, and I’ve gone through some pretty dark periods – some of it self-imposed, some of it just losing close friends and people that I miss.

“Now, is something… I never even knew that this was a way that life can be like. Being happily married; having a family be part of my career, where it’s not a juggling act – where’s it’s just, ‘This is what we all do, together’. That makes it better!”

He went on to discuss the impact that change of lifestyle had on his 2007 solo album ‘Carry On’. “Writing songs for my record was unlike any experience I’ve ever had. Rather than going into a studio and being in a dark room – which is what I was used to – and writing alone, I was in the spare bedroom at home, and with my kids outside. I could hear them running around. I just focussed on what I was doing, and then had my family there. I never had that isolating feeling that I used to get, and part of that is what brought on depression for me sometimes. That’s just not part of my life anymore, which is fantastic.”

Listen back to the interview in full here.

  • Olga Stewart

    And ten years after that particular album was released, Chris passes away.

    I just can’t even find the words to express how tragic that is.

    • Aretha Williams

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  • Cristiann

    Chris seemed so happy and hopeful back in 2007. I remember how healthy, vibrant and ‘alive’ he looked that year. I can’t help but wonder how and why things went so horribly wrong for him later. Sometimes I wish I had a time machine … just so I could go back and appreciate Chris more in those better days.

    I was actually listening to “Carry On” again today. I really do love that album. It’s very underrated imo and has lots of amazing songs — “Safe & Sound”, “Today”, “You Know My Name” and “Arms Around Your Love” are just some of my favorites on it.

    • John

      It is very underrated indeed. I’m gonna give it a spin now. Thanks

  • Miki Munnerlyn

    Depression is not something we can control, it’s like cancer. People can have some remission, time with no symptoms, but its always there. I used to sleepwalk as a child and dad would tell me the next day. I thought it never happened again till 20yrs later I woke up to the click sound of my .38 being cocked. It was me, laying down. I had got up, loaded it, and then woke up with it pointed at my head. I had a good day before going to bed. Riddle me that, if you think you can control depression. Yes I was on meds, going to counselors , psychologists ,psychiatrists, not all at same time. I have everything to live for, a son, a granddaughter and my 1st husband, their dad/grandpa died of his alcohol and drug abuse. Now I have to stay alive because he won’t be there for them. That makes me mad. Why I gotta be the one? Antidepressants just make me think about it more. I hate it. Stop projecting yoyr own feelings onto Cornell. You think: he had family, kids, huge stacks of cash, fame, and talent, so whats not to like. He also had depression and thats not to like.