Chris Cornell Revealed If He Wanted Soundgarden To Continue If They Lost Member


Alternative Nation had the opportunity to cover Rock on the Range this year in Columbus, Ohio. The festival started just one day after the news broke of Chris Cornell’s shocking passing. There was an amazing tribute for him during Soundgarden’s set time at the festival, so I took I asked a few fans throughout the weekend if they had any finals words for him.

Though it was a bit of a touchy subject since it was so soon after his passing, fans discussed whether or not they think Soundgarden should continue on in the future, or call it quits for good. A few of them said no, since such a legend could never be replaced or recreated, while others said they felt the band should carry on to honor his legacy because he would want them to.

This may not be the case, as Cornell stated in a 2015 interview that the band would never carry on without the same members that had been in the band since the 90’s. See the clip from his video interview with 95.5 KLOS during his Higher Truth tour below.