Chris Cornell’s Mother-In-Law Goes After ‘Scum’ Who ‘Bully’ His Children: ‘You’re Guilty As Hell’


Chris Cornell’s mother-in-law Toni Karayiannis has sent out a series of tweets regarding Cornell’s death, his children, and much more. Read them below.

  • nomad

    She seems very insecure about people believing how much Chris loved his wife. Perhaps time to step back from social media for a bit to get a handle on the tragedy you’ve experienced.

    • mypat623

      Her Tweets have always been a bit odd. She and her daughter are trying very hard to reassure everyone that he worshipped his wife. The wife’s letter to him was strange too. It came across as self serving and narcissistic. The MIL was on a rant about Eddie Vedder right after Mr. Cornell’s death. They appear to be a very materialistic and money hungry family. I agree with your advise about stepping back from social media. I doubt it will happen though.

      • BrainlessLeftists

        And the fact she immediately blammed a major pharmaceutical company for his suicide by hanging..I immediately thought—-readying for a major, multi-million dollar suit already $$$$$$$$$

  • Kooler Than Jesus


    • mypat623

      I have been reading her Tweets off and on for a few years. She is definitely a different bird. There is some old and new gossip on the internet about Vicky Cornell’s (Vicky Karayiannis) family. Flutter girl blog is one of them.

  • Eric Alexander

    Just reading these post from this lady. Where is the grieving – it seems like constant PR and self absorption. You get the feeling that they like the spotlight. You wonder if she had a copy of Badmotorfinger or Louder than Love back in the day – not as a litmus test but you get the feeling that she didn’t connect or understand the deeper, darker side to his music. The whole transformation from Seattle to “Hollywood guy” complete with celebrities and clearly materialistic values seemed to be where Mr. Cornell’s world went – that seemed to be the world that this lady knows and enjoys.