Chris Cornell’s Relative Claims Someone ‘Betrayed’ Him


Chris Cornell’s mother-in-law Toni Karayiannis sent out a series of tweets in the last day or so.

I don’t know what to cry first!The loss of u my beautiful son bec u were a son,Toni’s letter, your video listening 2your magic voice?💔Broken

U were loved by so many Christopher u must of done something rightThe world mourns w me &I mourn your loss wthe worldYour fans u lovedsomuch

Again same person as previous post!Never brought himup before the kids understood his game!The woman gave him wrong advise unfortunately💔🎸🖤

She also responded to a fan who tweeted, “If we weren’t trying so hard to screw and exploit each other, we would have more people able to reach that potential and rise up to make the world a better place.”

Exploit u said!brother to a brother friend to a friend! Jesus! How can u look at me in the eyes?Block me! Easier 4 u

I’m talking not 4who u think!This one I have never spoke before since I had trust&he betrayed Chris&his kids! I will post his&her name soon

  • Wendy Odum

    If someone has something to say….say it. This is ridiculous. I love Chris as much as anyone else who grew up with his music…his presence. But please. You are losing credibility as a gossip column, and MIL is looking like she needs a psych eval. She is worse than Trump with these cryptic tweets. Lets have an open and honest discourse….or otherwise ..please if someone loves this woman, take her devices AWAY.

    • Seriously. As a comparison, remember the rage some people were so full of hate when David Spade didn’t attend his best friend, Chris Farley’s funeral. I think we are all weary of Toni Sr. and her rants. It’s not fair to the kids, or Chris’s own family. It’s shameful. Please Yiah Yiah. Have some grace and composure. Leave Eddie out of it. You don’t know him. Have some respect. It’s all so very embarrassing.

  • Gordon Scott Chip Page

    people do really think he killed himself? People are you paying attention to the timeline of the night chris died? the stories dont make sense! Did you know chris had 7 broken ribs.? And there is lots more that just screams murder!!!! What we have up above is a whacko that is scared because she feels the walls closing in. i hope the detroit police are doing their job because it so obvious. Where the hell is the last person to see chris alive?????

    • NYJ

      Yes, there is indeed a wacko up above…

      • TD

        NYJ, anyone with eyes can see that Chris didn’t commit suicide. Either he staged and faked his death or he was murdered. That’s easy to see.

        • NYJ

          Bless your heart!

    • Bruno Sílvio Martins

      “Did you know chris had 7 broken ribs.?”
      Where is this information? Sources. Now.

      • Allison Auld

        It’s in the medical examiner’s report. And multiple broken ribs is not uncommon with aggressive CPR.

      • TD

        Go look it up on his autopsy report yourself.

      • DME

        the autopsy report, Einsteing. “sources. now”? such arrogance. Nobody owes you GIVING you knowledge. look it up.

    • Joanna

      I believe Chris was murdered and he deserves justice! It pisses me off that it was so quickly ruled a suicide….. He did not off himself! The 911 call that was picked up on the scanner says everything needed for there to be a homicide investigation. Trauma to the back of the head, signs of strangulation, broken ribs, torn shirt. The condition of his lungs and eyes consistent with strangulation!! Chris wasn’t suicidal, that night he fought with all he had to save his life. I am still mourning the loss of Chris, he was a kind soul, a poet, a master lyricist, musician and vocalist….no one sings like you anymore. It’s so obvious that foul play was involved, you have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see it. No more bullshit, justice for Chris!

      • Raj

        If the bodyguard kicked the door down and Chris was already partially suspended wouldn’t the force of the door cause the trauma to the back of his head? There’s no evidence of a struggle or foul play. If the bodyguard drugged Chris then got the band put it around his neck and then hung him with the carabiner and fought Chris and locked both doors his prints would be all over the place. If he had gloves they would have found his fibres or shoeprints all over the hotel floor, door knobs, etc. Could he have done it that fast? If he hung Chris locked both doors and then went outside waited and then kicked the doors in he would have to have been pretty fast.

        • DME

          again, the scope of your “knowledge” is limited to solely what the bodyguard reported. you’re defending him, using HIS testimony. You are not smart. Stop trying to be

    • david

      CPR often fractures ribs (they were not broken)

      • Joanna

        Maybe 2-3 not 7-9 ribs. Chris was not a decreped old man, he was in good shape.

        • Cathy

          Actually the months leading up to his death he was looking frail and not happy.

          • Joanna

            The interviews I’ve watched for the Promise he looked as beautiful as ever not unhealthy or unhappy.

          • Cathy

            Watch his performance of The Promise on Jimmy Fallon. That clearly looked like a man who was troubled.

          • Joanna

            I have to disagree I’ve watched it and I don’t see a troubled man. He still looked and sounded beautiful.

    • Raj

      The trauma is interesting but, yes people do really think he killed himself. If there were signs of a struggle or foul play they would have found it. Same with Cobain, there’s no evidence of a struggle of Cobain with someone else or any marks on his body indicating foul play.

      • DME

        you’re speaking for “people” are you? And what makes you so trusting in the investigation? Doesn’t sound like there was ANY investigation. They accepted what was told to them by the wife and the body guard. That’s the scope of their “investigation”. And by the way, Einstein, “Evidence of a struggle” is not exclusively evidence of foul play. If someone has been DRUGGED, they might not struggle at all. Cobain, since you brought it up. was VERY drugged.

  • Youcanthandlethetruth

    Does this laughable, illiterate buffoon really believe she birthed him? Chris had really bad taste in women, romantic or otherwise.

    • david

      INdeed. Chris went out of the frying pan with susan and into the fire with this cuckoo greek family

      • Youcanthandlethetruth

        One of his girlfriends stabbed him in the hand too. I think he was better off with her!

  • Rizz

    Who is more crazy…MIL or some of the humans commenting here?

    • Eric Alexander

      Rizz – don’t demonize the people commenting here – there are SERIOUS logical issues with the timeline that have not been explained. Lots of missing information and conflicting stories. Folks are grieving and want to know the truth. Whether they are appropriately commenting here or not it is good that people care.

      • Dan Katra

        9 broken ribs per the autopsy while failing to remove the band from CC’s neck. By the time the first responder arrives he is cold to the touch.

    • Cat

      Rizz – Exactly. Chris’s MIL sounds very peculiar but many of the people on this thread, and on other threads on Youtube, etc, seem to be equally messed up. Whenever a celebrity dies unexpectedly and suddenly odd people crawl out of the woodwork ranting about conspiracies, murder, cover-ups, etc. It’s crazy. For example, people who think they know everything are claiming that Chris’s broken ribs are a clear sign that there was a struggle between him and someone else when, in fact, there’s no reason to think that they were caused by anything other than the paramedics frantically, and forcefully, trying to resuscitate him. Those same people are picking on every little detail in Chris’s autopsy report and moulding the information to suit their own twisted little theories about what happened to him.

      I was a huge fan of Chris’s but I have no doubt that, for whatever reason, he was in despair the day he died (and probably prior to that) and felt he couldn’t go on any longer. Several people who knew him and were around him that day have said that he wasn’t himself and seemed different to how he usually was. I think he was pushed more and more into being in the spotlight in recent years and given that he, by all accounts, was reserved, quiet and down to earth I think that was the total opposite of how he wanted to live life. I’m sure there were other issues too which contributed to his poor state of mind and decision to end his life and I also wondered whether he had some health issues that may have worried him. He looked very thin and quite frail towards the end of his life and his autopsy results mentioned that there were nodules on his prostate gland. I’m not a medical expert but that sounded worrying to me and I wonder if that might have meant he had the onset of prostate problems. Anyway, whatever the reason, I for one have no doubt at all that he chose to end his life and I so wish he had chosen to live instead. It’s a terrible tragedy and absolutely heartbreaking.

  • bipolar disorder

    Toni shut the fuck up would be best. God bless your soul though. Keep your opinions to yourself kk

  • DME

    She’s milking his legacy for attention. She’s horrible.

  • Luke Scullin

    Chris had info on child abuse and drug money connected to ppl in politics etc, like many famous actors recently, he too was silenced!!!
    Not conspiracies, realities.