Coroner Reveals How Much Money Kurt Cobain Spent On Heroin


This past weekend, on the Reelz series Autopsy: The Last Hours of Kurt Cobain (via RadarOnline), expert coroner and forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter discussed the medical evidence surrounding the suicide of Cobain nearly 23 years ago.

Shortly before Cobain’s death, “his heroin use increased,” Hunter said. “He was using about $400 worth of heroin every day. And that’s $700 in today’s prices.”

Cobain reportedly turned to heroin during his teens, as a painkiller to help him get over a bad back and bad stomach. But as the years went on, his addiction grew out of control, and towards the end, friends were very worried about him, Hunter claimed.

“This is an enormous amount of heroin to take on a daily basis,” said Hunter. “Those that were close to him realized that if they didn’t do something, Kurt was going to die.”

The television special featured a graphic recreation of the bloody crime scene of Cobain’s suicide.

Frances Bean Cobain recently tweeted that she believes the Rockin’ 1000’s performance of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” would have made her late father Kurt Cobain cry. Cobain tweeted, “This is fucking incredible. I think Kurt would have hysterically cried and laughed if he saw this.” Read Cobain’s tweet, and watch the awesome video below.

  • Rizz

    Mak(ing) Nirvana Great Again.

  • $700 per DAY???? I’ve always heard that heroin was half the price of oxys. That’d be like taking 50+ 30mg oxy’s a day!! When I thought I had a bad addiction to them I was taking about 5 a day, and that would be on like payday. Usually it was 3 or 4. Ok, so to put that into a situation I can relate to– HOW was this motherfucker functioning!!? Are you telling me that he was using opiates since he was a teen, say 19 years old, and he just kept building his tolerance up until he was 27? No, you’d be dead long before 27. Something about this does not seem right to me at all. Unless Kurt was also buying for 8 other motherfuckers, I just don’t see how it’s possible to be that high and die from a shotgun blast and NOT from the H, many years earlier.

    • Corndog

      What are oxys?

      • Trovoid

        It’s Oxycontin, an opiate pain medication that is highly addictive. They come in a pill form. There’s also Oxycodone. That’s usually mixed with Tylenol or Ibuprofen. It’s the kind of stuff a doctor would give out for pain, the generic regulated version. Oxycontin is like the purer stuff.

        • Corndog

          Ah OK, thanks. I don’t think we have that specifically here but I get the idea. Sounds similar to the equivalent sort of pain meds you’d get here like morphine pills or tramadol.

          • Ladyhawke

            The body converts it into morphine. It’s a heavy-duty pain med that produces a similar high to smack, depending on dose (so I’ve been told).

          • Corndog

            I live in Ireland and it would be a controlled substance here too. Same as Codeine, Morphine, Tramadol – Basically any strong opiate based medication.

        • Ladyhawke

          Yes, (apparently) it produces similar levels of euphoria as heroin. Here, in Australia, it’s classified as a controlled substance.

    • AlanCantWhistle

      He OD’d a number of times over the years but was revived. I’ve heard mixed things from heroin addicts about tolerance. But Kurt could certainly afford a massive addiction.