Dave Grohl Offered Van Halen & NIN Supergroup


Wolfgang Van Halen has revealed that he’d like to collaborate with Dave Grohl and Nine Inch Nails drummer Ilan Rubin.

He told 95.5 KLOS, “I had this really fun thought where I thought it’d be really fun or really crazy cool to collaborate with Dave Grohl and also with Ilan Rubin, who plays drums for Nine Inch Nails – because we each play everything.

“So it’d be a really fun project to see like – what do you play for this song? What do you play for this song? And kind of swap around the whole time. I think that’d be crazy.”

As you’re going out on the road, tell me about how that decision came about because I know you’re friends with Slash. But you’re going out with Guns N’ Roses, I think that’s such a cool thing that you’re gonna be able to do those dates. Tell me how that transpired.

“Yeah, we had just finished everything with our release and was planning it, and Slash and the guys are getting ready to go out, and it all just kind of lined up.

“I’m super honored that they even thought about us opening for them. I think it’s a huge honor, it’s really insane. I still haven’t fully processed it yet and I don’t think I will, even while we’re playing shows.”

What were you listening to growing up? What were the records that were super important to you?

“Foo Fighters, Nine Inch Nails – Tool is a big one, AC/DC, Jimmy Eat World is another really important band to me, just melodically and I love their sense of melody…

“Queens of the Stone Age, Alice in Chains, and I’ll always have Van Halen in me in general just by being around it my whole life.” Ultimate-Guitar transcribed his comments.