Ex-Pearl Jam Drummer Reveals Why He’s Pissed About Band’s Movie


Ex-Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese isn’t happy with Cameron Crowe’s 2011 PJ20 film, and his lack of inclusion in the film.

A fan named ‎Alvarito wrote to Abbruzzese on Facebook, “Also in the Pearl Jam Twenty movie you were only there for Baba O Riley rehearsal only.”

Abbruzzese responded, “I know. Snub city, my man!”

Alvarito responded, “Understand completely my friend, they should of included more performances with you, but I guess pearl jam doesn’t care anymore, you defined history with them at their peak with Vs and Vitalogy they should of been more considerate with song choices, its because of you that Pearl Jam became the band they became.”

Pearl Jam are contributing a new song to the ‘Basmati Blues’ soundtrack titled “Obey The Law Of The Heart.” PearlJamOnline are reporting that the song was written by Stone Gossard, and performed by Pearl Jam and Sain Zahoor with Priya Darshini. It was produced by Stone Gossard, Steven Argila, and Wayne Sharpe.

This is Pearl Jam’s first new song since 2013’s Lightning Bolt. ‘Basmati Blues’ is an upcoming independent musical romantic comedy film directed by Dan Baron, which is his directorial debut. The film stars Academy Award winner Brie Larson, Scott Bakula, and Donald Sutherland.

  • person

    not sure what they’re talking about….Dave A. is in PJ20 quite a bit….

  • Lucky Neko

    Did he ever mention how hard it is for Vedder to pretend that he is not HOMOSEXUAL? lol

  • ShredderNW

    PJ have become the establishment hacks they tried to hard to hate 25 years ago.

    Now, they’re just a bunch of phony liberal, Trump hating, irrelevant, “Rock Star” Hacks!

    Plus, they haven’t made anything remotely close to interesting or good music in 20 years.

    Sorry guys, I loved you, but you SOLD OUT.

    • Stone Gossardish

      Please, please, please don’t buy any tickets to any of their shows. It’s hard enough to get good tickets now, the 10 Club is still so big, we’d love to see more defectors so it’s easier for those of us who need tickets to get tickets. So thanks, and thanks for not buying any more tickets.

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  • Raymond W. Lamontagne

    I really wish this guy would grow up and move on. He lets himself be baited by idiot fans. Dave A., the drummer, was the reason for the band’s success? Um, that’s delusional. But by all means, let this nonsense inflate your head, Dave.

    • Raymond W. Lamontagne

      Oh, and Matt Cameron is a better drummer as well. So was Jack Irons.