Ex-Pearl Jam Drummer Reveals Why He Feels ‘Gross’ After Lies


In a series of Facebook comments, former Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese continued to question Brendan O’Brien claiming that he accidentally damaged Eddie Vedder’s guitar shortly before his firing from the band. The story came from the PJ20 book in 2011.

Abbruzzese said in his original response: “Just saw something that made my stomach hurt. I don’t know if this is actually true and was part of the PJ20 book, but what I just read is a complete and total crock of shit. Never happened and never could’ve or would’ve happened. I am blown away at this story. How the hell did Brendan Obrien or Nick DiDia allow this to be credited to them? My mind is blown. I would never be so careless or so thoughtless.” Below are new comments in response to fans.

A fan wrote:

Could this be his version of the “truth”? Like, you have a fight with someone over something, they often have a different perspective… This could be one of those times.

Still hurtful when you know different, but is this guy the kinda guy to make shit up for the sake of it?

I hope that comes out the way it’s intended David.

Would you care to say your side man? Only you guys know… You guys were there… <3

Abbruzzese responded, “Nope. That is what bowled me over. The utter nonsense of anything like this even remotely happening.”

A fan wrote:

I can’t even imagine the frustration you’ve been through. More power to you Dave.

Abbruzzese responded, “Thanks Derik. I find myself realizing just how much it effected my life during instances such as this one. It’s gross to me.”

  • Stone Gossardish

    Any comment from Cohen on this or any of the other parties involved?

    If this is truly a bogus story, I’d like to hear BoB or DiDida call it what it is. If Cohen was told to put it in, without verifying it, he should speak to that too unless he contractually cannot.