First Details On New Pearl Jam Material May Have Surfaced


Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament and Richard Stuverud discussed writing music in a new Pearl Jam Radio special. Ament and Stuverud have played together in RNDM and other bands.

Jeff said, “You must have 20 songs from those sessions, you always brought in a couple of great pop numbers. They were all pretty fleshed out and pretty together. I would be recording instrumental songs that I hadn’t written any vocals to, and you’d come in with lyrics and parts.”

Richard responded, “When you’d bring me out to record and stuff you were working on, that’s also another inspiration. It’s like okay, We’re a rhythm section obviously, but you’re working on songs, bringing in songs, so it naturally evolves, and you get kind of inspired. By the way, your latest tunes are unreal, like really–”

Jeff interrupted, “Shhhh, no one knows about it.” They both laughed. It’s unclear if Stuvred was referring to songs Ament is writing for Pearl Jam’s next album or another project.

Pearl Jam members Mike McCready and Stone Gossard were interviewed on KISW in May, and they said that Pearl Jam were trying to write songs for a new album. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments.

A fan asked on Twitter, “Any chance that anybody has a chance to see Pearl Jam play live soon?”

Stone said, “What did we say last time?”

Mike responded, “I’ll let Stone do the diplomatic answer on this one, because he’s better at it.”

Stone added, “I would say yes, there’s no plans though right now. We’re trying to write right now, and make a record. We’re trying to write some new songs, we’re pretty focused on hometown hanging. So, we’ll get in some shows here.”

The DJ then mentioned that when a new album comes out, shows always follow.

Gossard said, “Absolutely.”

Jeff Ament also remembered playing with War Babies on Pearl Jam Radio, “That was an important moment for me, it was a couple months after Andy died. I didn’t know if I was going to play music anymore. I remember you guys asked me, you said you guys were sort in a pinch, and if I could play bass at a couple of shows.

I just remember that first week or two, you and I would show up at practice an hour before everyone else and we would jam along to Cameo and Prince, and we were sort of trying to take a little bit of the AC/DC out of the band, and trying to throw a little bit of Clash, a little bit of funk into the thing.”