Guns N’ Roses First Interview And Rehearsal Before Slash Joined Leaks Featuring “Don’t Cry”


Raz Cue has uploaded a never before heard Guns N’ Roses interview with rehearsal audio. It was the band’s first ever radio interview, and it took place in March 1985. The lineup featured Tracii Guns, Izzy Stradlin, Axl Rose, Rob Gardner, and Duff McKagan.

Rose was ironically late to the interview, a sign of things to come! “Don’t Cry” and “Anything Goes” rehearsal audio is featured, with Stradlin claiming that he and Rose wrote “Don’t Cry” just a couple weeks prior. Stradlin claimed that GNR were planning an EP release.

Guns’ playing on “Don’t Cry” is significantly different from Slash’s, but the song still has a similar structure to the one that was later released in 1991 featuring Slash on lead guitar.

Rob Gardner and Raz Cue were recently interviewed on Appetite of Distortion, which you can also hear below. The podcast description states, “Here we are, episode 50 of The AFD Show and this is an historic one. First, the radio-static interview before the show intro hasn’t been heard by many since 1985. A KPFK radio interview with the ORIGINAL Guns N’ Roses. Well, minus Ole (RIP). In the beginning clip, Izzy “Stranded” introduces Tracii Guns, Axl, Duff, and our guest today, GNR’s FIRST drummer Rob Gardner.

Brando is joined by director and friend, John Miller as our co-host. The guys are quickly joined by Rob Gardner. Who is Rob? Some fans aren’t aware GNR had a drummer before Steven Adler. How did he join and why did he leave? Any regrets? Rob also played in Hollywood Rose and LA Guns with Axl as well, but it’s Raz Cue that shares the “Axl Assless Chaps” story…

…so also joining the conversation is author and former LA Guns manager, Raz Cue. Raz and Rob catch up, filling in gaps where the other may not remember, and share the history behind these just-released-original GNR-pictures and radio interview on”

Former Guns N’ Roses manager Alan Niven revealed in a new interview on Appetite for Distortion that Izzy Stradlin actually showed up to a soundcheck at a Not In This Lifetime tour show, but left before playing. Niven was asked if Izzy will ever return, and he doubted it. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“My hypothetical speculation is that moment came and went, and they should have involved him in the last tour. I would think that Izzy is pretty angry that he wasn’t treated with equality, and wasn’t a part of this tour. He did get as far as flying out and doing a soundcheck, and he left after a soundcheck, he didn’t want to have anything to do with it.”

“It was last year, it was somewhere out in the midwest, when they were doing stadiums. Obviously had it gone well and everybody had been happy, and there had been a little bit of brotherhood, I’m sure he would have stayed with it. But something must have really upset him, because he left after the soundcheck, and never turned up for another one or an appearance. I would think right now he is probably a little pissed off.”

  • Matt Holder

    Wish Alan Niven would go away, you got sacked, get over it. Seems his main income is claiming to know what people who haven’t spoken to him in 20 + years are thinking

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