Guns N’ Roses Rehearsing Without Axl Rose, Writing New Music & Planning LA Concert


Photo credit: Marc Canter

Guns N’ Roses are rumored to be planning a secret show in the Los Angeles area next month, which will be the first official reunion show, and a warm up heading into Coachella, according to a MyGNRForum member. The band are currently rehearsing (Slash, Duff McKagan, and Frank Ferrer have confirmed that they are rehearsing) but Axl Rose has yet to join the band. GNR have also been working on new material, some of which is rumored to have originated during the Chinese Democracy era.

Chinese Democracy songs are also being rehearsed and will be performed live. The band are still working on furture plans, with a U.S. tour planned along with shows in key places in Europe and South America. The band are still negotiating the business deals for members outside of Axl, Slash, and Duff.

Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan has shared a photo of his gear he will be using on GNR’s upcoming 2016 tour which will kick off at Coachella. The photo is from a Guns N’ Roses rehearsal.


Guns N’ Roses began rehearsing recently for their 2016 tour. Slash shared a photo on Instagram where Frank Ferrer’s drum set is also visible.


Richard Fortus, Dizzy Reed, and Chris Pitman are all now confirmed to be part of Guns N’ Roses’ 2016 lineup, joining Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan, and Frank Ferrer. This could end up being the complete lineup, unless a third guitarist joins or Steven Adler and Izzy Stradlin appear as special guests. See the confirmation below, with Ferrer confirming Fortus through a retweet, a family member confirming Reed, and a Pitman confirming his involvement himself.

Richard Fortus:


Chris Pitman:

Dizzy Reed:

BILD is reporting the first Guns N’ Roses 2016 European concert date. According to their sources, Guns N’ Roses will perform in July at the Hockenheim Ring in Hockenheim, Germany.

As we have been reporting for months, the reunited Guns N’ Roses will be headlining the Coachella festival in Indio, CA in April 2016. Billboard confirmed our reports earlier today, also reporting that the band will play the new Las Vegas Arena, which is set to open in April. Axl Rose, Slash, and Duff McKagan so far are the only confirmed members.

Alternative Nation has learned that Guns N’ Roses will announce additional United States stadium tour dates in late January 2016. We previously reported on December 1st that around 25 dates were planned, and this still appears to be the case. A show at MetLife stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey (where the New York Jets and New York Giants play) is reportedly in the works.

Consequence of Sound
is reporting that Matt Sorum will be the drummer, but there have been many contradictory reports, with Frank Ferrer even hinting at his own involvement, and Steven Adler publicly lobbying for his job back just a couple of months ago.


  • Corndog

    I love how they have already started getting some practise at standing around with their instruments in their hands wondering where Axl is.

    • Raj

      Just like the good ‘ol days, lol. He’ll be the last to show up as usual.

    • firecracker

      Im a member where the fan made a comment that he heard from someone else who claims to somehow know Slashs ex wife. Thats how that rumor started. But either way if these guys are learning CD stuff why must Axl be there? Then again no real proof he isn’t. Theres also a rumor from a more reliable source the rehearsal spot is in Axls house.

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  • rustyshackleford462

    Not alternative.

  • Raj

    Maybe Axl hasn’t finished his training yet, lol.

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  • Cord Scott

    How bad of a sign is it that Axl isn’t there? There is less for him to rehearse of course, but I have a gut feeling that he’ll bow out of Coachella, while offering some grand explanation about “wanting to move forward, blah blah,” or try to insert his most recent version of GNR back into the slot

    • Bill LeDonne

      I believe this is the same way they wrote a bunch of the material for Use Your Illusion. The band would practice the tunes, usually without Axl. The band recorded without Axl and Axl recorded all his vocals isolated from the rest of the band. Of course they did have Izzy playing as well who was a key songwriter and probably did much of the determining of the verse chorus verse placement without Axl.

      • James Stephen Edge

        It was the same in the CD era too. The reason Axel fired Buckethead was because he made his quarterly appearance at the studio and found him in a chicken coop with live chickens watching hardcore porn on a portable TV (not a joke).

      • firecracker

        Mostly right and many times Axl would be in another room or upstairs listening and writing. Trying to write to loud instruments is hard and on top of that its much easier to stop a recording and write as you go along, pressing play again and so on and so on.

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  • Felonious Punk

    How awesome would it be if the first new song they wrote together was Get In The Ring (Round Two)

    “This goes out to all you little bitches on the internet who want to start shit my talking trash about our wives, making fun of the money we owe our ex’s, ripping on the gear we post photos of…this goes out to you Holly McCracken at TMZ…Eddie Fat Fuck Trunk at Metal Hammer…Corndog, Jimmy Intense and Felonious Fag at Alternative Nation…what, you pissed off cuz your dads are still getting more pussy than you? FUCK YOU! Suck our fuckin’ dicks again!”

  • Bill LeDonne

    So the new songs they’re working on originated during the Chinese Democracy era? Seriously? How about just writing new stuff instead of working on 20 year old material that will no doubt sound very dated.

    • Farty Fartsalot

      Shut up, idiot. Why don’t you just stick to Kanye West or Justin Bieber since you’re too hip…

      • Bill LeDonne

        Why? Are they not capable of coming up with completely new material? I own, and love much of Chinese Democracy. However I would rather hear new material created by the band rather than them hear them try to play more of the same era of material, which as much as I liked, definitely sounded dated when it was finally released.

    • firecracker

      Im gonna wager a guess that Slash and otbers are learning CD material so they can do some of those songs too. Then again this rumor isnt really from a source just an “I know someone who knows someone who knows someone” type thing. Its no bearing on the poster as they even said they heard from elsewhere. Since this article was written about a poster on a forum. Kudos to AN for crediting the poster and site and saying a rumor though.

      • Bill LeDonne

        It would totally make sense for them to learn and play CD material. However, writing songs off of uncompleted songs from when CD was first written 20 years ago would be kind of sad. Especially considering neither Slash or Duff had would have had anything to do with the songwriting when the tune was created. They would just be playing and completing other people’s parts. Just write new material. Please, no more recycled 20 year old ballads about Stephanie Seymour.

    • wellthatsSHOCKING

      Dont Cry was one of the first songs they ever wrote, maybe you should stick to Justin Beiber or one direction and all those other little faggots that “write” songs every other week.

  • Farty Fartsalot

    I have a feeling we’re only going to see a hologram Axl Rose

  • James Stephen Edge

    Chinese Democracy was an excellent album, just terribly promoted by the label. Hopefully with all the new interest in GnR the next album will be better promoted, the should already be more than enough material from the last 15 years to get them started.

    • Soul Less

      it was far from excellent, mediocrity at best.

    • wellthatsSHOCKING

      Chinese Democracy was awful, at best. It sounded nothing like Gn’r should.

  • Ryan

    Once again this the Axl Rose show. Having his new hired guns involved in this reunion. Also wanting them to play Chinese democracy songs. So silly. This should be about the real GNR. Once again slash and duff cave in to Axl.

  • Nikdik

    At this point, Scott Weiland has a better chance of showing up than Axl Rose.

  • firecracker

    What is sad to me is you took a rumor someone heard from someone else and made another rumor. We wonder why they dont want to do media bs its because why do that when fans comments on a forum are being written about. If Axl isnt rehearsing its not that big of a deal. In fact it’s normal. It would also make sense they need to learn the CD stuff which Axl clearly already knows. But yea taking a comment made from someone to another someone who knew Slashs ex wife somehow sounds legit. I highly doubt Slash is sharing all this with Perla or anyone who worked for her or knew her, but whatever lol.

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