How D’arcy Wretzky Could Still Join Smashing Pumpkins Reunion


After nearly two years of rumors, we finally found out on Sunday with leaked photos from a photo shoot that The Smashing Pumpkins reunion lineup will feature Billy Corgan, James Iha, Jimmy Chamberlin, and Jeff Schroeder. This will be the first time Corgan, Iha, and Chamberlin have been bandmates since the original Pumpkins run ended in December 2000.

Absent is original bassist D’arcy Wretzky, who revealed last month that she had just been informed that she wouldn’t be part of the reunion and that she was ‘disappointed’ by the news. D’arcy has been out of the music business and public eye since leaving the Pumpkins in 1999, and has had ups and downs in her personal life since then.

We don’t know the exact reason yet that D’arcy was disinvited from the reunion, but based on the involvement of James Iha, who was very close to D’arcy during the band’s original run and the lone original member to keep in contact with her for many years, we’re guessing it had to be a very good reason for him to agree with Corgan and Chamberlin.

Based on D’arcy’s physical and mental health obviously, a great way to involve her in this incarnation of the Pumpkins but without burdening her with the pressure of extensive touring would be to have her play at select shows as a special guest. Guns N’ Roses did this with Steven Adler in 2016 for the Not In This Lifetime tour, as he came out at select shows to play a couple of songs. It was a chance for him to play again with his old bandmates, but without the commitment of being a full time member of the band.

Mick Taylor has joined The Rolling Stones as a special guest at many shows since 2012, playing a couple of songs at shows but without becoming a full fledged member of the band again. James Iha’s initial reunion with The Smashing Pumpkins in 2016 was as a guest performer, playing Siamese Dream songs at three shows as a surprise in Los Angeles in Chicago.

A role for D’arcy where she could play a few songs at select shows in cities like Detroit (she lives in Michigan) and Chicago could be a perfect role for her with the The Smashing Pumpkins in 2018. It could give her and the original lineup the proper closure that they never had. If you’re reading this Billy, James, Jimmy, and Jeff, please give this idea some thought!

  • IrregularJohn

    Not a dig against D’arcy but Adler was way more instrumental to what was GNR sound than what D’arcy was to Pumpkins.

    • Fey Wutt

      Because you were there-

      – so YOU KNOW!


      • Fey Wutt

        … and why would she do that after having been offered “millions of $$$” to play on a WHOLE TOUR that

        … only to have Billy change his mind AFTERWARDS
        because HE IS TOO INSECURE.

        • Alternative Nation

          We still don’t know the reasons why D’arcy is out, or how she was told. All we know is she was told sometime in January she was out, and that it disappointed her. I’d like to hear more from D’arcy, Billy, James, and Jimmy about what really happened.

          • Fey Wutt

            ya would, would you?

            your article already sounds as if you’ve spoken to Billy directly …
            … albeit several weeks ago

          • Tilman Müller

            Some people already know by SMELL.
            Like: smells like teen spirit…

          • Alternative Nation

            Fey Wutt, do you know D’arcy Wretzky? If so I’d love to hear from her grungereport

        • Tilman Müller

          Too insecure, if he has enough on his bank account?
          Such guys have to be nailed by written ink before they change their mind.
          Is there still a chance for another turn, if he gets insecure about the ticket sale…?

        • Trovoid

          That’s horrible and infuriates me. What is he insecure about exactly?

      • Tilman Müller

        He must have irregular sources to know about it pretty well.

  • Alex Flores

    Da fuq happened to her face? You went full Lara Flynn Boyle. NEVER go full Lara Flynn Boyle.

    • Fey Wutt


    • Trovoid

      Besides her plastic surgery nightmare, she sure complicated Twin Peaks.

    • Bob Khan

      Probably one of the worst decisions a female celebrity can ever make when it comes to how they present themselves to the world. They think it may look good when they make the decision, but in 20 years it is gonna look like shit. Then they spend the rest of their lives getting more plastic surgery to chase an image that they can never have. Many women that opt to age gracefully still look pretty well into their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s

  • Mike

    Corgan can blog about how smart and good his reasons are to not have D’arcy back all he wants, but the reality is it makes this ‘reunion’ far less exciting.

  • ZenMaster Han

    hell motha fucking yeah!!

  • And there we go for Another Billy Cor… ahn, I mean Mr. Williams Project. I don’t care who they will call this time, Adler, etc. It’s 3/4 of SP, period.

    • Fey Wutt


  • theresa

    D’arcy’s always been my favorite pumpkin, from the first time i heard/saw them in 93 as a middle school kid. totally random, but my daydream (ha!) is to hang out with her on her horse farm. and then go on a david lynch binge afterwards. i feel like it would be incredibly therapeutic (for me, anyway lol). she seems like she was living an idyllic drama-free life – i hope this latest SP thing doesn’t eff with that.