Howard Stern Makes Bold Comment About Trent Reznor


Howard Stern recently interviewed Jonah Hill about his film Mid90’s, which is scored by Nine Inch Nails members Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Stern praised Reznor as one of the greatest of all time.

“You wanted music in the film, so you contacted Trent Reznor, who is probably the greatest.”

Stern had up an NIN sticker in his studio in the 1990’s. reports that Howard said Jonah contacted Trent Reznor to score his movie and he asked him to do it for free? Jonah said not really in that way. He said that he’s sure he gets some back end in the show somehow. He said that this is an independent film. He said that they have Herbie Hancock’s ”Watermelon Man” in the movie. Howard said that’s a great one. Jonah said he loved that song. He said he’s passionate about that stuff.

Howard asked about Trent Reznor and how that worked. Jonah said that he loved The Social Network’s score. He said he liked the way it was cold and disconnected. He said that he wondered how they would score this film and they did it for him. He said their manager is Amos Newman who is Randy Newman’s son. He said he thinks Howard would like that little fact.

Howard said that Jonah’s father was the manager for bands. Jonah said he was an accountant for Axl Rose. He said he had the advantage of growing up in Los Angeles and understanding that movies are tangible. He said in Roosevelt Long Island they may not be.

Howard said his father thought he was insane wanting to be on radio. He said Jonah is saying that in L.A. you can be in show business and people won’t think you’re nuts. Jonah said he saw that and it was a huge benefit for him. He said people think that his dad being an accountant for Guns N Roses means more than it actually did.

Howard said he got Trent Reznor to do the score. Jonah said he’s never even met him. He said they did it all away from each other. He said that the guy is amazingly professional. He said he and Atticus Ross are so professional. He said that he was scared shitless that they were going to hand him something he doesn’t like. He said Trent said he had to give him direction and notes. He said he had to do that. He said he asked him to change some things. He said he wasn’t mature enough to do this until now. He said he had to be very serious and direct him on what to do. Jonah said they have a Nirvana Unplugged song in it and that meant a lot to him.

  • Vicious

    Who the *hell* wrote this article and got *paid* for it!? “He said, he said, he said”!? C’mon!

    • General Spermin Vermin Wankov

      Agreed. To the writer of this article (Brett Buchanan): Try using direct quotes in quotations rather than ‘he said’ every sentence. Also, some of these alleged statements by Stern were actually questions.

    • D7uasifjds8ffes5f4ads356fdasuf

      Seriously, I felt like my kid sister was telling me a story about her day at school:

      And then Jimmy said “She’s cute,” about Susie, and Oh. My. God. Do you know what Susie said? She said that Jimmy was cute, too! But then she said that I couldn’t say that she said that Jimmy was cute because she was worried that even though Jimmy said that he thought she was cute, he was just saying that so she would say that she thought he was cute, and that he didn’t really think she was cute, so once she said that she thought he was cute he would say he never said it and then she would be sooooo embarrassed.

      I died a little typing that up.

      • NEPA_Questions2

        I think you missed a “like ummmm” in that. 😁

    • Kasper

      Eggs-zakly!!! Had to stop reading this.

    • NEPA_Questions2

      I could only get thru the first few paragraphs. I stopped reading when said that Howard said that Jonah said.

      My 12 year old daughter can write on a much better.scale than this dolt.

    • White.on.Rye

      Dude legit seems like a legit drop out who thought he could pursue a career without an education

    • RSIlluminator

      Its like some AI summary of a video..

  • Patricia McDonald

    This may have even more “he said” than the other Howard Stern articles. And some extra “Howard” said” and “Jonah said” for good measure.

  • Andy

    He said

  • Comrade_Anon

    This article reads like a 4th grade short story.

  • JohnnyPeps


    • NEPA_Questions2

      Who? Did say that Howard said? Or did say that Howard said that Jonah said that Trent said?

      This author needs to relinquish his GED.

  • Eric

    Jesus tap dancin’ Christ that was the worst article I’ve read this week.. and it’s midterms.

    • rrbeck

      I couldn’t get through it

  • Stone Gossardish

    Stern knows little about rock music. He wishes he did, but he doesn’t. It’s embarrassing to hear him talk about it nearly 100% of the time. Makes you cringe.

    • NEPA_Questions2

      Listening to Howard talk about anything anymore it’s painful.

      • Stone Gossardish

        It kinda is. Wish he had hung it up in 2010. Since then, this era has been a lot of cringe worthy radio, a lot of mailing it in, and a lot of sounding like an old man just in it for the $

  • Marc Johnston

    Holy he said-she said Batman, this was tough to read.

  • jerrylambert

    Clickbait title and nothing more than a third grade level, partial transcript of an interview segment. Brett Buchanan must either own the site or his uncle does. I can’t imagine why else anyone would hire him to “write”. I’m blocking this site from my news feed.

    • big guy

      He does own the site. Be sure to use adblock.

    • Cunt Fuckula


  • Twizzy The Time Twizzler

    This is the worst article I have ever read. Buzzfeed, Huffpost, and Breitbart all write better articles, and that’s saying a lot.

  • Jls1727

    I am not the kinda of person who insults people when I make a comment but this article is terrible. I am not saying the writer is a terrible writer but this is a terribly written article. I suggest that the writer take some online courses on journalism and that Alternative Nation actually read articles that they post rather than just running it through spell check or the like which is just insulting the readers intelligence. We expect a little more from these articles and would appreciate it if you could make sure an article like this NEVER gets published again. In fact, I feel as though the blame for this awful piece is solely on Alternative Nation. The writer should have had an opportunity to rewrite with maybe some advice? Idk… It seems as though the general consensus feels insulted by this kind of work being published. I’m in no way saying that I’m a journalist and I could have done better or anything like that… I’m simply suggesting a little more effort be put in when publishing. Is that too much to ask I said… Alternative Nation said nothing. They didn’t even make sure quotation marks were used when the writer was LITERALLY QUOTING Jonah and Howard…

    Also, regarding the topic of this article… I am pleased that Jonah keeps mentioning Atticus along with Trent. Atticus is an amazing artist, the way they write is Trent goes in the studio and just starts jamming… Trent then leaves the room and Atticus takes what was just recorded and arranges it into the amazing compositions that we hear from NIN. They’ve been working this way since With Teeth was recorded, or at least that’s what I read in an interview with TR. Prior to that Trent was working with geniuses like Danny Lohner, Chris Vrenna (the Mastermind behind the insane drum solo heard in The Perfect Drug) and Charlie Closure. These artists are never given the credit they deserve even though Trent has always included these guys in interviews as well as inviting them to tour with NIN from the beginning.

  • Frank DuBois

    My head now hurts. The gist of the article is entirely lost because the hearsay style of writing (if that is even a thing) detracts from it so much.

    And we wonder why the Joe Public IQ is getting lower by the day, after reading articles like this it’s no wonder.

    Please Brett Buchanan, rewrite the article with some brain cells at hand and maybe we will be able to make sense of it

  • Oli M (StoopidxDood)

    I thought this was gonna be a very interesting article regarding two of my all-time favorite personalities but… wtf? Who wrote this? But more importantly… Who is the editor that allowed this to pass?

    • Corndog

      Quit whining and move along. I swear you people are coming out of the bloody woodwork these days….

      • jerrylambert

        When you say “you people” do you mean people with more than a third grade level reading comprehension? Or do you mean people who expect journalists to have a basic understanding of writing?

        • Corndog

          Tell you what Jerry, post the link to your site and we’ll all go read your top quality journalism instead. Merry Christmas:)

          • jerrylambert

            I didn’t claim to be a journalist. Where did you see me ever claim to be a journalist? I am also not a doctor, but if my doctor used leeches and snake oil I would call him out on it. I am not a chef, but if my chef served me raw chicken I would send it back. I am not a professional film critic, but I know that The Blair Witch Project sucked. Are you claiming that one must have experience in everything in order to have an opinion on anything? Corndog, who hides behind a fake name and ridicules others for having an opinion. Did your mother name you Corndog? I understand that you are just defending your boss, but accusing people of whining when they are simply pointing out the fact that your boss can’t write is arrogant and complacent and makes you appear as a sycophant. Be true to yourself, man. Ass kissing will get you nowhere. Feliz Navidad 🙂

          • Corndog

            No, I’m not saying any of that, but you appear incapable of separating whining from constructive criticism….

            Hides behind a fake name? Umm, basic internet 101, don’t use your real name online. I’m not hiding. I’m being safe online. Anyone who posts their real details on the internet is just daft. This can’t be news to you….

            Blair Witch Project did not suck. It’s a one time deal, but that one time was still a good show, interesting and thought provoking. Perhaps you just didn’t get it?

            People are ‘whining’ because they come to the site constantly and complain they don’t like what they see, yet keep coming back again, and again and again to moan about it…You ever hear the story of the guy who goes to the doctor and says it hurts when I raise my arm like this, and the doc says then don’t raise your arm like that. It’s not rocket science. Don’t like the site? That’s fine; find one you prefer and stop coming here to bitch about how much you dislike it. Just move along. Seems illogical to continually expose yourself to something you don’t enjoy, don’t you think?….

            I’m not being arrogant or complacent. I said people are whining for the reasons above. You’re welcome to hold whatever opinion of me you wish of course; I’m not going to lose any sleep over it I assure you.

            You understand I’m just defending my boss? You do? Really? Unlikely. See, I’m relatively certain you have absolutely no idea who my boss is. I’m quite sure he doesn’t listen to alternative music and has never visited this site in his life. My boss has never been a topic of conversation on this site with me or anyone else. You appear to be labouring under the erroneous assumption that I work here, which it patently incorrect and untrue….

            I’m no sycophant. I’m not going to kiss your ass, Brett’s ass or anybody else’s ass. Be true to myself? Always. I will do and say as I please and no one will tell me otherwise.

  • Pete Agassi

    At least it didn’t have any ‘likes’ in it. He said, like…