Howard Stern Has Surprising Reaction To Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda Playing Without Chester Bennington


Howard Stern had high praise for Linkin Park singer/guitarist Mike Shinoda on his show on Monday. reports that Howard said he loves music and he read an article by Bob Lefsetz who said at 30 you stop listening to new music. Howard said for him that wasn’t true. HE said he was listening to a lot of new music in his 40s. Robin said he still listens to it. Howard said not as much as he used to though.

Howard said he was painting over the weekend and he was listening to some new stuff. He said he heard a song by this dude and he thought he discovered something great that no one knew about. He said his name was Mike Shinoda. He said he thought the guy was really good and he’d feature him on the show. Then he started looking him up and he was the guy in Linkin Park. HE said that after Chester Bennington died by suicide Mike was doing his thing. He said this guy is really good. He said he has a song called ”Running From My Shadow.” Robin said she’s pretty sure she heard the song on Sirius over the weekend. Howard played some of it for her.

Howard said the new album is called Post Traumatic. He said that’s because it’s his album after Chester Bennington died by suicide. Howard said he has some other songs to play too. He played another one from Mike.

  • Coco Nut

    I’m rooting for Mike. I saw him on The Tonight Show last night. It’s not going to be an easy road. By the way, I definitely stopped listening to new music at around 30. Or new artists, I should say. That’s interesting!

  • GS

    That was so poorly written & annoying to read. 99% of the sentences begin with “He said” or “Howard said.” Dude, you don’t have to say “He said” for objective facts (like the name of Shinoda’s album).

    • Skip

      Agreed. Who hired this guy?

  • Jimmy Freeman

    Just rock. No listen to me whine shit. It’s you know…depressing. Like Linkin Park music was.

  • Matthew Pringle

    Is the author of this story retarded?