Johnny Depp Collaborating With Stone Temple Pilots?


For at least one rehearsal, Johnny Depp jammed with Stone Temple Pilots. Robert DeLeo has shared a new photo of the acting legend with the band, holding a guitar. It’s unclear if this rehearsal collaboration will extend into any of STP’s upcoming live shows. Depp is Robert DeLeo’s bandmate in Hollywood Vampires. STP are releasing a new self-titled album on March 16th.

Dean DeLeo revealed to San Diego Union Tribute in a new interview how many new songs STP plan to perform on their tour.

“Well, I know that — right away — we’ll do two songs off the new record,” he said. “And, once the record comes out and people have time to digest it, we’ll start to integrate more of it. So, hopefully, in the next year we’ll probably do at least five new songs.”

He also discussed how he feels about music today.

“The only difference is that, back then, I used to have a lot of time to listen to music,” he replied. “And now, what’s really changed is that I dont have a lot of time, especially when we’re working, and I know it’s the same for Robert, Jeff and Eric. When you’re recording, the last thing you ant to do is have a 10-hour day in the studio and then listen to more music. And, with all of us being fathers now, I’d rather spend time with my kids.

When things mellow out professionally and I have a nice lull for a moment that’s when I’ll listen to music. And it’s usually in my car. That’s kind of my thing. Sometimes I find music to be inspirational. I also find the twists and turns that life throws at us definitely affects me as well, and that can take me to a place where it brings a certain something out of me. It can be a lot of different emotions.”