Justin Bieber Wears Pearl Jam Shirt, And You Won’t Believe The Photos


Justin Bieber was on hand in Monte Carlo on Sunday to help Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton celebrate his win at the Monaco Grand Prix. Bieber wore a vintage Pearl Jam No Code 1996 tour t-shirt. The “Sorry” singer has recently been sporting a Nirvana shirt and a Grunge look at his 2016 concerts, with Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic and Courtney Love praising him on Twitter.

Could Justin Bieber Make Grunge Great Again? See photos and video below of Bieber wearing his Pearl Jam shirt, including a picture of Bieber chugging wine.




  • Felonious Punk

    But ask this Little Boy Lost — on the spot — to sing the lyrics to *one* song off No Code and find out what a fucking poseur he truly is.

    • He can’t be fucked. It’s a fashion thing. That’s all it is really. Could be worse. Could be a Kanye West shirt.

      • Felonious Punk

        Would make more sense if it were a Kanye shirt: a poseur endorsing another poseur, you get me? At least PJ have some artistic merit. Not like this fucking twerp.

        • Right I feel you homie. Why is it you think he doesn’t have any artistic abilities? I’ve heard his tune. Doesn’t seem so bad for those who are keen on it…

          • dakotablue

            It’s always been tough for teen idols to make the leap to adult music and fans and get taken seriously. Many are shallow gift boxes all wrapped up real pretty, but some have genuine talent.

        • Katie

          LOL again

      • Eric Aikin

        true story. You know one of his handlers bought that at Hot Topic. Bieber has no clue.

        • ‘Image Consultant’

          • Katie

            LOL yet again :::chuckles:::

      • Katie

        Could be this…

    • Katie

      Do you see the way that tree bends… does it inspire?
      Leaning out to catch the sun’s rays – – a lesson to be applied.
      Are you getting something out of this all encompassing trip?
      You can spend your time alone – re-digesting past regrets… oh…
      Or you can – come to terms and realize, you’re the only one who can’t forgive yourself…
      Makes much more sense – to live in the present tense…
      OMG I LOVE that song… Now its stuck in me head FP. Thanks!!! 🙂

  • PubRock Radio

    Please don’t use this phrase: “Could Justin Bieber Make Grunge Great Again?`, EVER AGAIN.

    • Katie


  • a kid wearing a shirt and trying to be fashionable. Simple. Why is it so bad? At least it is a Pearl Jam shirt.

  • marcos_marcotron

    Why wouldn’t we believe the photos exactly?

  • Sopor

    last week it was a STP shirt, there is definitely something grungy going on with this young lad.

    • Alternative Nation

      Can you link me to Bieber wearing an STP shirt?

      • Sopor


        • Alternative Nation

          Thanks, what show was this?

          • Sopor

            I do not know, just happened to come across it…It’s not that I actively follow the career of this young whipper snapper…But yes I could not believe my eyes! 😉

        • Trovoid

          Why… just why

  • Rusty Stroker

    I can’t believe the photos

  • Beefcake

    Who does the little turd think he’s fooling?

  • opinions are subjective

    Maybe he stole it? Sorry.


    Ask him who the h e ll is Eddie Vedder. I bet he could not answer the question.

  • Mike

    Isn’t Justin Beiber a pop artist? Why doesn’t he just sing rock if he likes it so much?

  • Trovoid

    I’m not surprised he’s wearing a Pearl Jam shirt but I can’t believe it’s for No Code.. Doesn’t seem like he has enough emotional depth to like any of the slower PJ albums lol