Layne Staley’s Mother Reveals How His Spirit Is Doing In Afterlife: ‘It’s Heartwarming To Know’


Today would have been the 50th birthday of late Alice In Chains singer Layne Staley. Staley’s mother Nancy Layne McCallum recently discussed Staley’s spirit in the afterlife in a King 5 interview.

“One of the things that people say is his voice, his voice. They’ve never heard Mario Lanza, this is a different generation. Someone said, they were trying to describe his voice, and I said it’s kind of like razorblades muffled in marsh mellows. There’s this gorgeous quality, but it hooks you. As his mother, because we all sing, I didn’t really realize until he got older and popular. If I could apologize to him, I would do that.”

“I was raised with the idea of God as one mind, love, truth, all these other things. I didn’t understand that, I couldn’t get one mind. But recently I’ve done some reading, and it has helped. There is a universal consciousness, and we’re all a part of it. We’ll all discover that in our own way, one time or another. It’s very heartwarming to know that he’s fine, but I’d sure like to be able to hug him. I’d also tell him (sarcastically), ‘Shame on you for doing this to us!'”

She added, “I’d dance with him.”