Liam Gallagher Rips Noel For Singing Oasis Songs Like He’s ‘Been Kicked In The Balls’


Liam Gallagher ripped his former Oasis bandmate and brother Noel Gallagher on Twitter yesterday, claiming that Noel sounds like he was ‘kicked in the bollocks’ when he tries to sing Oasis songs.

  • Stone Gossardish

    not sure there’s many that even remember who Liam is these days? He’s beyond a has been, he’s someone very few people under 35 even know

    • Go Hiomlán Mandelbrotmenge Imi

      I think so too. He’s slowly fading and it doesn’t seem that there is anything good coming from him anymore.

    • Corndog

      In the UK he would still be a very well known arsehole.