Major Outlet Thinks Tool Are ‘Signaling’ When New Album Will Be Released


In an article about why Tool headlining the Governor’s Ball festival over other acts like Lorde makes sense, Billboard predicted that it is a ‘signal’ that Tool will release a new album in 2017.

Like it or not, this time-signature-juggling quartet have reached that vaunted plane alongside Radiohead, Phish or their spiritual forebears Pink Floyd, where the size of their cult overshadows that of most mainstream audiences. Tool can do whatever they want, including commandeer a truckload of paying die-hards all the way to Randall’s Island to spelunk through 11 minutes of “Rosetta Stoned” — particularly because it’ll also be the band’s first New York-area date in 11 years, which dates to when they released their last record.

But it’s also a signal that there will almost certainly be a new Tool album this year, and they’ll almost certainly be performing new songs from it. Their residency might be left-field for the more posi-vibed, dancier principles Governors Ball was built on, but if multi-platinum artists (much less multi-platinum rockers) are in short supply these days, it might be time to scoop up what remains — even if that ends up bringing in 10,000 red-eyed college roommates who tried to explain why 2001’s Lateralus was a spiral.

  • Arthur Diniz

    I hope so!

  • I Am Colossus

    Most likely they’ll troll the fans with some fucked up reason why the album wont drop, like 10,000 days. Then it’ll drop.

  • Ash Hatzar

    Looking at where we know they are in the album making process, I’d project a 2018 release. But who knows what they can pull out of their hat

  • Chris Romanelli

    Was this whole article really two long sentences? Commasplice much?

  • Dreamjuice

    I’m not so sure how avant garde they can be anymore now that the world has come around to their Christianity hating ferver. Well, unless it is a completely reversed course. That blow minds

  • Brad

    They will do the show and afterwards do another interview stating “we hope to have the album finished by the end of 2018.sorry everyone this process for us takes time we are tool and that’s how we do things”