Maynard James Keenan Reacts To Problems At First Show Since Rape Claims


A Perfect Circle took the stage last night in Madrid, Spain last night for the first time since Maynard James Keenan was accused of rape by unverified anonymous Twitter users. Keenan tweeted about the accusations, “Many thanks to those of you who saw right through this despicable false claim that only does damage to the #metoo movement. And shame on those of you who perpetuate this destructive clickbait. As for my delayed but un-required response, I had my phone off. You should try it.” Evidence has surfaced that suggests the tweets accusing Keenan are a hoax.

At the show, there was a 15 minute break due to technical problems. You can watch videos of the performance below. Keenan also appeared to be looking at tweets sent to him again, liking a tweet from a fan that said: “Despite the technical issues which of course weren’t your fault, thank you so much for such a magical show, hope to see you around soon because I couldn’t get enough of you last night.”

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The Hollow (break for 15 minutes because of technical problems before the song)
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