Maynard James Keenan Reveals ‘Deadlines’ For New Tool Album


Tool and A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan was recently interviewed by Rolling Stone. He discussed how he schedules his albums. Keenan is currently working on a new Tool album and has a new A Perfect Circle album coming out in April.

“I had a lot of things I needed to do, but it sounded like things weren’t, um, going forward so I had time to shift focus and dabble in something else and see where it would go. With everything I do, there are deadlines for progress. So if I see a spot like, ‘Eh, there’s just not a lot of movement,’ I’ll shift gears.”

Rolling Stone later asked, “Speaking of which, Danny Carey has been saying Tool would be releasing a new album this year. Can you say anything about that, Maynard?”

Keenan responded, “[Pauses] No.”

Rolling Stone said, “It’s just something a lot of people are curious about.”

Keenan shot back, “[Longer pause] Yeah, I’ve got nothing.”

Rolling Stone asked, “On the subject of vanity and selfishness, there was a big hullabaloo online recently about 60 or so A Perfect Circle fans being kicked out of one of your concerts for taking photos ­–”

Keenan responded, “[Interrupts tersely] They’re not being ejected from our shows for taking photos. They’re being ejected because they’re recording things and they’re annoying the fuck out of their neighbors.”

A fan named Sean Bowers commented on Alternative Nation’s Facebook in November regarding the story about 60 fans being kicked out of a Reading, PA A Perfect Circle show in fall 2017 for taking photos.

He wrote, “I was there and was kicked out for simply turning my cell on for about 30 seconds and checking an email. It had been sitting on my thigh and raised it no higher than the seatback in front of me and apparently caught the attention of security atop of the stairs.

I suggested they look in my gallery proving I wasn’t filming shit but they weren’t having it. Met a ton of people outside with similar stories. No doubt some ejected were guilty of taking pics too. As for me, I’m no rookie to Maynard events so know the standard. However, the staff at the venue were beyond trigger happy and dropped the ball big-time!”

Tool and A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan issued a brief response to fans following reports that more than 60 concertgoers were ejected from an APC show a week ago in Reading, Pennsylvania for taking photos in violation of the band’s stated policy. After a fan complained about the policy on Instagram, Keenan wrote: “No. Recording. Of. Any. Kind. For. 25. Years. Guided experience. Unplug and enjoy the ride.”

  • iwrestledabearonce

    Anyone that gets kicked out of a Maynard event, it’s their own fault. 20 years ago everyone at a show survived the ENTIRE DAY with no gadget in their hand. From the time their eyeballs opened in the morning, until they went to sleep that night, no phone No mail to check, no Snapchat to open, no txts to send….just the show to watch. So you’re telling me that nowadays nobody can function if they shut their phone OFF & then just put it in their pocket/purse for 2 whole hours? Of course not….NOOOOOOO…..they MUST pull it out, in spite of warnings being issued & threats of being ejected, to fuck around with it. Then once they’re caught it was “I was just checking email”. Like security is going to do a separate, private investigation for 20,000 fans at a show…..”Lemme see your phone….oh ok, you’re just checking your txts. You’re good.’ – “Lemme see your phone please….uh oh! Taking pics!! You’re thrown out!” “But you over there, you’re good because you just have email open.” Gimme a break. Like security doesn’t know that 99% of the people that do get caught (regardless what they are actually doing on their phone) are going to claim “but I wasn’t taking any pics…honest!”

    Pull out your phone – your kicked out. Live it. Love it. Get over it. #morons

    • FragilityG4

      When I was younger I got drunk at concerts. That was more entertaining than a phone hahaha

      • sproesser

        And less annoying to the people around you! 🙂

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    Thanks for the clickbait title, I’d forgotten why I don’t come to this site for news anymore!

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    Click bait garbage.

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    Where exactly are the deadlines? Yep, not found here…