New Stone Temple Pilots Singer Reveals Scott Weiland’s Most Difficult Song


“For me, it’s been a lifetime of almost getting there,” said new Stone Temple Pilots singer Jeff Gutt at Live Nation’s $20 Concert Week event last week when Alternative Nation spoke to him. “But now, it’s all come together. Going back to Detroit is going to be really special.”

Gutt is referring to his upcoming tour with STP, The Cult, and Bush, an ambitious summer trek called Revolution 3, in which the headliner will be alternating each night. “Some other bands might be upset at not being a headliner,” said The Cult guitarist, Billy Duffy, “but [we three bands] don’t care.”

“We’re all pals,” agrees STP guitarist Dean DeLeo.

But what can we expect from the tour?

“It’s a plethora of good songs, new music, all these things put together,” according to Jeff Gutt.

“More costume changes than Cher,” quips Dean, eyeing down Billy Duffy and laughing. “…we have a lot of stuff we’ve never performed live before, or have played once or twice. I dig it.”

When I told Dean and Jeff that “Glide” (off of STP’s No. 4) was my favorite song of theirs and thus I was glad to see the band play it live, Jeff agreed that it was his favorite song to perform.

“THAT is actually [my favorite]. I’m gonna give you a little technical reason why. At the end of the pre-chorus, it goes from falsetto to full voice. It’s a very trippy transition to make. You have to do it perfectly, or else you are standing there naked in front of everybody. I love to sing that song.”

“You wear it well, mate,” says Dean.

“Well, thanks for writing such great songs,” said Jeff in return.