Ozzy Osbourne Makes Emotional Disease Announcement


Ozzy Osbourne has made an announcement regarding a blood cancer charity called Love Hope Strength.

“Please do me a favor and see if you are eligible to register with Love Hope Strength to be a life saving marrow donor for a potential patient in need of a bone marrow match!

Every 3 minutes, someone in the U.S. is diagnosed with a blood cancer like leukemia or lymphoma. Many can be saved with a bone marrow transplant. Sadly, 6 out of 10 patients will never receive the lifesaving transplant they need. With your efforts, we can increase these odds and save more lives.

Please join me in supporting patients in need by Getting on the List as a bone marrow donor. If you are not eligible to participate, and want to do more, you can support the effort by Donating or Volunteering at Concerts & Festivals to get others on the list.”

Ozzy Osbourne said he believed he’d be dead at 40 in a new Kerrang interview, and that he doesn’t know what ‘lies ahead,’ especially after a conversation with the late Lemmy Kilmister just days before his December 2015 death.

But for Ozzy, his 70th birthday bash, held in Los Angeles on December 6 last year, was merely an “alright night”.

“Can you believe I made it to 70?” he asks. “Miracles will never cease. I remember when I was 20, I thought, ‘I’ll be dead by 40!’ But against all odds I’ve survived.”

Revisiting the party in his mind, Ozzy suddenly pauses and recalls one long-time friend, a fellow expat British rock star, who sadly couldn’t join the celebrations.

“I remember talking to Lemmy after his 70th birthday and he said, ‘Fucking hell, at least I made 70!’” he recalls soberly. “And then he died within days. You never know what lies ahead, do you?”