Pearl Jam Reveal How Fame ‘Changed’ Eddie Vedder


Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard discussed how fame changed Eddie Vedder’s life in a new Let There Be Talk interview.

The interviewer said, “You’re coming off ‘Ten’ and you’re the biggest band in the world all of a sudden, and it does seem to change Eddie [Vedder, vocals] a little bit. If you look at the early interviews of him, he’s very playful and almost kind of goofy and fun. And then by then, he becomes a whole other animal.”

Gossard responded, “I think we thought we had sold a lot of records, but I don’t think it had registered in terms of the bigness. I remember that place as beautiful.

“And for me, personally, having gone through the Green River and Mother Love Bone, and all of that, to me, I was probably feeling more confident, and a little bit more relaxed, a little bit more figured out.

“I think for Ed, it was a completely different experience in terms of the psychology of him not being able to walk around without people coming up to him or whatever. It was a big, huge shift for him.” Ultimate-Guitar transcribed his comments.