Pearl Jam Reveal If New Album Is Coming In 2019


Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready offered the most positive update yet on the band’s new album on Thursday in a new ESPN Seattle interview. McCready said he hopes fans will get to hear new Pearl Jam in 2019. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“We did a huge tour last year like we were talking about, so we’re all still recovering from that. We’re writing songs for another record. We did our last record about 5 years ago. Hopefully we’re going to get that thing done soon. It’s been a bit, it’s been a little while.”

He added, “It’s the longest I think we’ve had between records. We’ve got a bunch of songs ready to go, and I think we’re going to get something cool this year. Hopefully it will be out, I don’t have a date on anything yet though.”

Pearl Jam last released Lightning Bolt in 2013, and if they release a new record this year, it will have been 6 years between albums. The band released “Can’t Deny Me” in March 2018, which they claimed was a song off of their ‘forthcoming’ new album. 2018 came and went, and despite a North American, South American, and European tour, no new record was released. With no 2019 tour dates on the books, fans were worried about the band’s future, though this latest development should be very exciting for the Ten Club.