Pearl Jam Rumored To Do Something Incredible In Philadelphia


Kevin Connaughton commented on Alternative Nation’s Facebook yesterday, “They will be at Citizens Bank Park in Philly in September 2018 per my source at Live Nation.”

When we pressed him, he elaborated, “I did hear two nights at Citizens Bank Park in early September will happen. Family friend works for Live Nation (and also a huge PJ fan) and confirmed this. Phillies out of town on road trip from 9/3-9/9.”

We obviously don’t know this guy’s credibility, so this should probably be added into the many message board rumors we’ve heard about Pearl Jam 2018 North American shows over the last few months.

Last week, there were new Pearl Jam 2018 tour rumors and speculation on the Ten Club boards. See the latest below, including rumors that the rumored Safeco Field show in Seattle will actually be two concerts.

nalyd61 said:

saw the [Springsteen] show tonight. Grabbed a ticket at the box office an hour before. Show was very amazing. And……

Guy next to me worked for live nation/Netherlands.

Said they still have 2 on the books for Amsterdam.

did say doesn’t mean they won’t bail on night 2. But booked at this point.

Eddieredder said:

Safeco Field. Two shows. August

Eddieredder said:

I’ve been told first week of august. My source is a friend of a friend who knows Mike.

  • William Hendricks

    What is incredible about a band that plays live shows possibly performing a live show