Queen Icon Reveals A-List Actor Sad Disease Photo


Queen guitarist Brian May has shared a new photo with Michael J. Fox, who has Parkinson’s disease.

“I think I’m stanning ?!! I only learned this word recently from you guys on IG ! Excited to meet Michael J Fox at the Hall of Fame bash. Yep, I’m a fan – both of his work as an actor – Back to Future will@probably always be my favourite movie(s) – but also as an incredible fighter against the illness which has failed to hold him down – in fact galvanising him into battle to alleviate other people’s suffering. Great man. Bri.”

He also wrote, “Giant Boulder on the Asteroid BENNU – about 170 feet across (50 metres). The NASA OSIRIS REx mission today released this stereo capture of part of Bennu’s surface. 💥💥💥💥I’m proud to have been adopted as a collaborator on the Osiris Rex team, along with my colleague Claudia Manzoni. Our passion is producing stereoscopic (3-D) images from the astounding data that the OR mission has been collecting. Special thanks to mission PI, Prof Dante Loretta, for making this possible.

These stereo images can be enjoyed in various ways – as Anaglyphs, for which red and green spectacles are needed, or, as here, configuring the two images side my side, for either parallel free viewing (upper pair here), or cross-eyed free-viewing (lower pair), or, for the most immersive experience, using a stereoscope such as our own LondonStereoscopic Company OWL. More information on all this is at www.LondonStereo.com.

The technique used for making astro stereo images like this is to find two images captured from slightly different angles of view, giving just enough of a ‘baseline’ between viewpoints to enable our brains to perceive a stereoscopic experience when the two images are presented separately to our left and right eyes. The most difficult part is then ususally trying to deal with the fact that the two images have different illuminations. To solve this problem, this particular pair was skilfully assembled by Claudia, the two images being chosen from two occasions on separate orbits when the angle of view was different, but the phase angle of the Sun was the same. This means I had much less work to do to polish the stereo image into a form which pleases the eyes.

Enjoy Bennu in 3-D ! And the boulder, which the team have christened BenBen.”