Rage Against The Machine Member Reveals Zack de la Rocha’s Comeback Plan


Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk said that Zack de la Rocha is hard at work on new music, presumably for a solo project, in a new Let There Be Talk interview. Alternative Nation transcribed Wilk’s remarks.

“He hasn’t been completely gone. He did release a One Day As A Lion record, he did release a single maybe two years ago, so he hasn’t been completely out of it. I know that he’s working on music constantly.”

Queens of the Stone Age drummer Jon Theordore either being involved in Zack’s project or hearing the new music was also discussed. Wilk also remained hopeful for a Rage Against The Machine reunion.

“Nothing would make me happier than to be able to fuck shit up right now with Rage Against The Machine. It’s just really a matter of getting us all on the same page. If that will happen again or not, I have no idea, but I know at least the four of us are amicable and can talk to each other, and actually even go hang out on occasion, so I think more we just want to be friends first more than anything.

“How many bands are around more than 5 years? We’ve been around since 1991.”

He was then asked what leads to Rage Against The Machine not being able to keep it together.

“It’s always been something different. It’s always been somebody different. It’s always something. For us, it’s kind of like the magnet theory. One magnet is always being pushed out. You’ve just got to get all of the magnets to stick together for a minute, and that’s always been our problem. I feel like a politician right now because I’m kind of skipping specifics, but that’s just kind of the best way I can answer it.”

  • timmy hendero

    the world needs RATM, the youth needs RATM

  • Corndog

    They essentially are still RATM, just with different singers.

    • Not at all… They just sound like Rage if you wipe the vocal tracks. The lack of social critique is not a minor issue. Rage galvanized the young Left, much like PE did during THEIR glory days.

  • Stone Gossardish

    De La Rocha has been done for how long now? That guy is totally done and has been done for a long time. Outside of a Rage against 50 type tour, he’s going to remain done and irrelevant at this current time.

    He did fantastic work for a little while there, a comet of rock blazing through the sky. But holy smokes people, that was a long time ago now.

    • Trovoid

      I’ve heard he is a perfectionist (which is why nothing gets released) but I’m sure for the most apart he is just really enjoying his retirement. He made his millions and said what he had to say. Politically-charged music must get to be exhausting. He’s a reclusive guy and I’m sure he’s enjoying his solitude.

      • Stone Gossardish

        He’s no where near good enough to be a perfectionist. Sounds like the Jakob Dylan retirement. Some people just don’t want to work that hard. There are other things to do. How many of us wouldn’t like to just cruise at this point? He seems to love what he’s doing so he should keep rolling with it, everyone else moved on.

        • Trovoid

          I agree with you there. He was a solid frontman but not one of the greats. That’s just the excuse I heard for him not releasing the work he did with Trent Reznor and other people. He was insecure and didn’t think any of it was good enough. That might also be why he clashed with RATM over Renegades. I’d love to just cruise at this point. If I made all that money and was sick of touring then you’re damn right I’d just be enjoying myself.

          • Matthew Brimm

            Rage and all of it’s pieces together we’re a great band. Zach was a perfect fit for their sound. Degree of ability to sing aside, he had a unique delivery and I couldn’t imagine Rage without him.

          • Trovoid

            Agreed. He was essential to the group. Looking back at my comment, I didn’t mean to imply art is a competition. Clearly it isn’t. I’ve seen a video of him singing and his screams were brutal in his early punk bands. I also don’t want to downplay his ability as a lyricist or charismatic performer.

  • Rizz

    Very influential and timeless band.

  • Michaela Karabova

    Rapper, poet, singer, revolutionary writer, showman, if this is not enough what makes Zack unique … than it is his honest opinion always so close to truth, his heart always opened for real freedom of the ones in jail, his voice always ready to talk for the silent ones, he is unique, his very hard work has power to change the world, heal it … Nothing compares to Zack de la Rocha, i can’t forget him and i will not forget him all my life, his mind is fresh and close to truth, his heart is honest, warm, human, ready to sacrifice when hungry newborn baby cries … i love Zack de la Rocha, i will always have him and his music in my heart …

    • Sounds like a veteran of vietnow dot org.