Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Future Plans Revealed, Will They Make New Album Or Retire?


Red Hot Chili Peppers had a busy 2017, spending much of the year touring in support of their latest album, 2016’s The Getaway. The band’s 2018 looks to be a bit quieter, but drummer Chad Smith says they’ll still be working.

“We’re just gonna take a break for the rest of this year, and then we’ll start up [and] probably write some more songs next year,” Smith tells ABC Radio. “Hopefully [we’ll] make a record at some point. That’s the plan.”

As for touring plans, the Peppers will play a California wildfire benefit show in San Francisco December 14, and they’ll be headlining the Lollapalooza South America festivals in Argentina, Chile and Brazil in March. Other than that, Smith says the band doesn’t plan to spend too much time on the road in 2018.

“There’s not gonna be any more touring next year, really,” he says. Instead, writing new song will be the Chilis’ priority.

“We’re just concentrating on writing more songs and getting better and trying to keep doing what we’re doing, ’cause we love it,” Smith says.

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  • Gabi Sermoneta

    I am a long time huge fan of RHCP and still have hard time seeing Josh instead of John..I still follow what they do, more out of curiosity and respect than real passion

    • Trovoid

      I hear you. I’m just glad that John is living the life that he wants to live.

      • Gabi Sermoneta

        John is a fantastic musician and a free spirit, in other words, he is a lunatic:

        • Trovoid

          His smile is a rifle 🙂

  • El Rock

    John’s era’s might be their two best, but every single Chili’s incarnation is pure awesome, including Josh’s. I kind of wish Rubin was still working with them, but the last album was pretty impressive too, if not as cohesive a collection. I’m with you was fantastic, and I think Rubin was what put it together.

    • Gabi Sermoneta

      Agreed. John’s era’s were the best, but in no way I consider, as many Frusciante’s fans do, RHCP finished without him. They are brilliant musicians and their creativity and energy has been up since 83, regardless the breakups, tragedies and loss the band has suffered. The last album is pretty impressive indeed. I honestly can’t imagine them retiring.