Rock Songs About Money


Rappers always go on about their riches and all the money they have, but what about rock stars? We’ve compiled a list of the best rock songs about money and having lots of it!

1: Money for Nothing – Dire Straits

Starting off our list strong we have the legendary Dire Straits. This great song was released in 1985 and is all about how easy rock stars have it, told through the verses and reinforced with the iconic chorus ‘Money for nothing and chicks for free.’

2: Money – Pink Floyd

Unlike there is no gamble here because the best money song to ever be created is by far Money by Pink Floyd.

This cult classic appeared on the much celebrated 1973 album Dark Side of the Moon. Starting off with the signature cashier ‘cha-ching’ sound, this song is all about how everyone’s main focus these days is to get cash. Although the track is 40 years old, the theme is still relevant today.

Fun fact, there was no cash machine sound stock available so the drummer made them himself.

3: The Big Money – Rush

Released in 1985, this song is arguably one of the best from Rush. Dripping with tons of 80’s charm, this track condemns the power that the rich capitalists have over the world. With lyrics like ‘big money pull a million strings’ and ‘big money weave a might web’ it’s a not so subtle message that rings even truer since the banking crisis just a few years ago.

4: Take the Money and Run – Steve Miller Band

From their 1967 Fly like an Eagle LP, this song tells the tale of two Bonnie and Clyde style banker robbers that are trying to make their way to Texas with their loot whilst a staunch detective hunts them down. Unusually it’s a sordid tale about money rather than the wealth and riches of the rockstar.

5: Love or Money – Sammy Hagar

Part of Hagar’s fourth solo album this song is all about chasing after a woman who only wants to get a ton of cash. With lyrics like ‘what I want is a whole lotta money’ and ‘just gimme money, gimme money, gimme money’, this song is possibly the rock version of Kanye West’s Golddigger.

6: Keep Your Eye on the Money – Motley Crue

From their Theatre of Pain album, this song by the legendary hard-partying rockers warns listeners about the dangers of being distracted in a casino and how you should always ‘keep an eye on the dealer’s hand.’

Although if we’re honest we think the boys from the Crue might have had just a bit more luck with casino apps instead since the dealer is computerised and cheat-proof.

These are just some of the best rock songs out there based on money, with plenty more out there and no doubt loads more to come in the future. After all, as Nickelback once sang, ‘we all just wannabe big rockstars,’ with houses, cars and golddiggers at our feet!