Scott Weiland Remembers His Father’s Musical Influence On Him In Unreleased Final Interview


While many ‘final’ Scott Weiland interviews have been released, a new one has just surfaced that is the final interview that took place with the legendary Stone Temple Pilots frontman at Lavish Studios, conducted by Cerwin Vega!. His Lavish partner Rocco Guarino is also featured in Part 1 of the video interview. Alternative Nation has transcribed Scott’s quotes.

“I was born in California, and then my Mom divorced my Dad [Kent Kline], and she got remarried a couple years [to David Weiland] later. We moved to Manhattan Beach for a couple years, then right about the time I was about to turn 5, my Dad [David Weiland] got transferred to Cleveland, he was working for TRW. We lived in this small town outside of Cleveland called Chagrin Falls. Then my Dad [David Weiland] got transferred back to LA, and we lived in Huntington Beach. That’s where I went to high school.”

“Probably the first band that really grabbed me was the Beatles. My father [Kent Kline] was a huge music fan. He turned me on to the Doors, he turned me on to Merle Haggard, he turned me on to the Beatles. His record collection was amazing. He was a huge influence on me, he also sang all the time, and had a great voice, so I would sing along with him. I also sang in the choir too, even in high school, when it wasn’t cool to be in the choir.”

“When I was sixteen I formed my first band [Soi-Disant], with my friends in high school, my best friend [Corey Hickok] on guitar. We rehearsed in my garage, my parents allowed us to, we set up our equipment, and just started writing songs. In the garage, it was a 60’s Shure PA, with those tall columns, and it had like six channels.” Scott continued. “We weren’t a cover band, we were an original band. We started out playing house parties, and then I started booking us shows at clubs. We all had to get fake ID’s so we could play at the clubs. We played at the Golden Bear, and a bunch of really cool clubs, Concert Factory. Booked us some shows in LA like at Madam Wong’s.”

Scott Weiland & Rocco Guarino – Paralell Lives

A few months before his passing, Scott Weiland gave us some time to talk about his life as a musician and coming up in the Southern California Music scene. Joined by his Producer/Engineer of 20 years, Rocco Guarino, here is the first of four interviews we will be publishing with permission of Scott's widow Jamie.Thank you Scott – We miss you.#Scottweiland #CerwinVega #StoneTemplePIlots #RoccoGuarino #LiveSound #VelvetRevolver #rollingstone

Posted by Cerwin Vega! on Friday, March 4, 2016