Smashing Pumpkins’ D’arcy Wretzky Makes Heartbreaking Announcement


Original Smashing Pumpkins bassist D’arcy Wretzky posted the following on Facebook, announcing the death of her beloved horse Lona:

“everybody seems to be going through so much bad shit lately …
… me & mine have been too.
i don’t come on fb very much anymore, but it isn’t because i don’t think about you all …
… it’s cause i think about you & your’s a lot … it’s overwhelming.
May the powers that be bless you and keep you & yours well.”

She added, “Lona, she was my angel for 25 of her 35 years. Rest in peace my darling sweet love.”

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan revealed in August 2016 that he had reconnected with D’arcy, and that the original Smashing Pumpkins lineup were discussing possibly reuniting, following the reunion performances that Corgan, James Iha, and Jimmy Chamberlin did in spring 2016.

In an April 2016 Blast Echo interview, Wretzky called Iha’s reunion with Corgan and Chamberlin ‘really healthy’ and said she would ‘consider going back’ to the Pumpkins. She also said she’s clean from drugs and is ‘healthier now than she’s ever been in her life.’

In a recent WGN Radio interview, Chamberlin hinted that the band have plans for 2018.

Below is a photo of D’arcy’s horse Lona, followed by a post by her boyfriend last year describing her current life.

D’arcy’s longtime boyfriend wrote in a Smashing Pumpkins Facebook group in April 2016, “I would like to say that D’arcy is not on drugs. As her boyfriend of four years I would not be with someone who is on drugs. She is healthy, mentally and physically. Last night when I came home from work she was with several other musicians who were over and she was playing bass and having a great time with it, after she was done playing we all ate sushi and had a great time. She was smiling all night, and that’s great to see.”

He also said, “Since I have met her she has come a long way. One wintery night in 2012 we listened to SP all night and drove around in a snow storm singing along and having a good time (and doing doughnuts in the snow) it had been over 10 years since she had listened to her band’s music. When I met her she couldn’t even bear to listen to the radio. She has been working on herself and continues to do so. I can tell you that she is one of the most unselfish, empathetic, caring, giving, and sensitive, people I have ever met. Is she addicted? yes, addicted to fashion, science fiction, home renovation projects, Star Wars books, and our animals.”

  • Kevin Elliott

    I thought it was gonna be about the lip transplants…

    • foxymophandlemama

      i thought that was courtney love….

      • Bob Khan

        I thought that was Mickey Rourke.

    • venusinfarse

      Why are you commenting in her looks? Why click on an artist and go there?

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  • A J

    She looks like a muppet with all those lip injections geez.

    • venusinfarse

      Why are you commenting in her looks?

    • venusinfarse

      Misogyny is alive and well.

      • MarthaMyDearTX

        So we should look at someone and just pretend all is normal and nothing out of the ordinary, etc.

        Looks DO mean something. Too much plastic surgery, sores on the skin, etc. can indicate undiagnosed mental illness, drug abuse, or other problems.

        As these things are happening everyone should just say, “You look great! No problem here!”?

        If people were more honest with Darcy she’d be in a much better place than she is…and yes, I happen to know she is NOT in a good place.

        • Loveblanket


      • Loveblanket

        What does misogyny have to do with commenting that someone’s plastic surgery is bad? I can say the same thing about Mickey Rourke. I’m sorry but people can be critical of something without playing the sex and race card. Nobody is obligated to not be critical to anything. You need thicker skin.

  • Noah

    Heartbreaking announcement. A well loved horse that had a long life.

    Look, this is heartbreaking to anyone close to the horse.

    Meanwhile we’re droning the weddings of innocent people in the Middle East.

    • Loveblanket

      Yep innocent people. Those innocent people that run, supply, fund, equip, organize, and wage war against anyone that is different than them. Enslaving, raping, slaughtering, burning people alive, chopping childrens heads off. Those people that have caused the collapse of half a dozen nation states and turned them into lawless war zones. Sometimes in war innocent people die, but let’s not pretend we’re playing target practice on DIsney animals. Go ask the Syrians, Kurds, Iraqis, Nigerians, Malians, Libyans, Lebanese, Afghans, Indonesians, and Indians how innocent the people we are fighting are. You’re an absolute moron.

      • Noah

        ‘Sometimes in war innocent people die’ – Thanks for agreeing with me.

        I did not mention a word about who we were fighting. Is this normal for you, getting all worked up over something that doesn’t exist?

  • dakotablue

    Sorry about her horse, but this headline made me think she was dying.

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      same here. click bait has gotten so bad, time to un-favorite this site.

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      How about the fact that Brett trolled her by putting an old picture? Pretty sh*tty.

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    Hellmothafuckinyeah bitches

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      Party people where you at!?

  • Sara Mahaits

    who fuckin cares,i had my horse 34 years and i dont post that shit for everyone, especially movie stars or what have you, u live n die, move lady were all dealing with the loss of something

  • Marc Vest

    Brett Buchanan you are a piece of shit. This whole piece beginning with the headline picture shows your lack of compassion and dignity. If you wanted to report on the passing of Darcy’s horse and SP reforming, you could have done it without trying to make Darcy look bad. Everyone has issues they deal with on their own terms. Alternative Nation should really rethink your employment. I hope on your lowest of days that no one comes and tries to make a mockery of you.

  • Waxmuseummeltdown

    This is why those of us who’ve talked to D’arcy know why she doesn’t surface much anymore on social media platforms. She likes her privacy respected and this is an unnecessary article. I for the record do like Alternative Nation, but this is a non story.

  • mr_the_boilermaker

    Why include the old pic of her? Other than to highlight her obvious plastic surgery, of course. And embarrass her, of course. Losers.

    • Loveblanket

      They didn’t force her to get that surgery and they didn’t take that photo. She had the surgery and posted the photo, That’s fair game and I didn’t look at it as an insult at all until all the little softskins down in the comments started crying about it.

      • mr_the_boilermaker

        You’re a moron.