Ex-Smashing Pumpkins Member Dissed Foo Fighters To Dave Grohl’s Face


Former Smashing Pumpkins touring drummer Kenny Aronoff discussed partying with former Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum, and then meeting Dave Grohl for the first time the next day when he was hungover in a new interview with Bill Burr. Aronoff mentioned that the story was cut from his book, and will likely be included in his next one as they made him cut almost half of his stories.

“They left out me meeting Dave Grohl. He comes up to me, I’m hungover, I just played with the Buddy Rich Big Band in New York. Me and Matt Sorum were out all night just partying it up, I’m hungover and checking out, skinny Dave Grohl comes up to me.

He goes, ‘Hey Kenny, it’s Dave! What are you doing?’ I said, ‘Oh, hi Dave, I’m flying home. I’m a little hungover.’ He says, ‘You’ve got to stay in town. I got this showcase tonight, you’ve got to come!’ He’s jumping around like a jackrabbit. He says, ‘I’ve got a new band man.’

I go, ‘Cool, what’s the name?’ He says, ‘It’s Foo Fighters man!’ I’m like, ‘God, that’s a weird name, see ya!’ That didn’t make the book, they said, ‘You’re just name dropping man.'”

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    • NahNood

      haha yeh!

  • Rick W

    What a sh!t story

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  • norah

    I see why the publishers made him cut that “story”.

  • Tom

    That was the whole story?!?! That was the lamest article I think I have ever read!! He thought the name of the band was weird? That is “dissing” someone, wow. This dude must not have much to write about. Is there more to the story, am I missing something? The touring drummer for smashing pumpkins too, ha. They could have wrote about What a cashier at a grocery store thought about Sammy Hagger too, that would be about as intreeging as that story!

    • Donnie Newcomb

      Right on

    • Corndog

      I think you mean intriguing. Intreeging is an internationally recognised sport for red squirrels.

    • astrocreep7

      Not just touring for SP. He’s been on hundreds of records at least. Tons of tours. Big time, top-ranked drummer in the industry. Why do you think Dave ran up to him?

  • Casie Madigan

    I think my big toe has a hang nail😞

  • Brad Ables

    Wow!so the rumors Are true:/

  • Donnie Newcomb

    Foo Fighters a way better than Smashing Pumpkins yes I was almost 20 when Smashing Pumpkins first album came out and it was great but since the day I have been nothing but a one hit wonder Foo Fighters there for have been a steady one hit on every album Wonder shut up you’re nothing but a roadie drummer

    • Rob

      You obviously have no idea who Kenny Aronoff is. He’s probably one of the most respected musicians in the industry and has played with virtually everyone. Not only on stage, but in the studio.

      • Donnie Newcomb

        So has dave mustaine there is a reason you are a session drummer or on the road and everyone should know who Kenny is problem is playing other bands music is different than making your own.

    • Corndog

      To say that FF are better than SP is just utter nonsense in my opinion. FF is nothing but a pop rock band, one rung above Nickelback. They’re just the current ‘rock band that the popular people say it’s ok to like’. They’re shite.

      • Donnie Newcomb

        Who is still putting out the hits! I think Metalica said it best when saying people think were sale outs yea every stadium. And opions differ.

        • Corndog

          Absolutely opinions differ, and mine is that the Foo Fighters are shite and always have been.

          • Donnie Newcomb

            all i’m saying is yes SP first album better than any music FF had put out but not saying i like FF just they continue to be relevant even if you or myself don’t like them and no one can argue the fact that they continue to have hits.

          • Corndog

            I would say that anything from Gish through Zeitgeist is better than anything that the FF ever released. I can’t sit here and claim that Oceania or Monuments are better than anything at all save perhaps Taylor Swift’s latest offering:)

            If by relevant you mean ‘in the public eye’ then i would agree, but i think it is because of the reasons that i mentioned above. There is always a rock band that the beautiful people; the popular folks who get to decide what is cool and what isn’t decide it’s ok to like, and in recent years that band has been the FF. In previous years it has been Nirvana, G’n’R ETC. Do you know what i mean by that or is it a local phenomenon for my corner of the world?

            As far as hits are concerned, i’m not really sure what constitutes a hit these days. When i was a kid it would have been down to single sales, but i understand that bands don’t really make much money from sales these days so i don’t know how much that matters anymore.

            For the record, i’m not arguing with you . You can like or dislike whatever bands you want and you don’t have to justify it to me or anyone else. Personally, i just really don’t get the appeal of their music and i can’t stand Grohl and his ever so polished good guy everyman routine. I think it is very practised and he is a very fake, disingenuous individual. This is just my opinion though:)

  • Eder Cheddar

    I just got Rick Rolld

  • Michael Holtvoigt

    Some writers just plain out suck art their job.

  • Bill

    Jeez, anything to put up a story about Foo Fighters. Could this be more of a non story?
    As far as why it didn’t make it into the book…yeah, it’s not even a story.

  • Donnie Newcomb

    That dude is a has been #tuesday gone with the wind!