Steven Adler No Shows Concert With Slash, Has Axl Rose Met With GNR Bandmates?


Steven Adler was set to play with Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash at Rock For Recovery’s Willie Basse Cancer Benefit Jam over the weekend at Paladino’s in Tarzana, CA, but he did not show up for the performance.

Other performers included Vinny Appice, Roy Z, Mitch Perry, Scott Warren, Chad Cherry, Joey Tafolla, Michael Olivieri, Patrick Stone, Steve Feldman, Spacey T, Bernie K, Joe Floyd, Matt Duncan, Mike Hansen, Betsy Bitch, Joe Petro, Mike Gray, members of Snew, and more.

Slash is currently rehearsing for Guns N’ Roses’ 2016 tour, and while it was previously reported that Axl Rose hadn’t joined the band yet, he has met with Slash this month, according to Eddie Money on

Guns N’ Roses continue to stir and increases the frenzy of their fans to announce a date more in North America with the addition of a concert at the forum sol de Mexico city scheduled for 19 April 2016. The Pre-sale Banamex begins at 11 am on 8 February and ends on 9 February at 10 pm. The General sale will begin on Wednesday, 10 February at 11 am through the system Ticketmaster at members of Nightrain, the official fan club of Guns N’ Roses will be notified in advance in order to have the opportunity Buy tickets at a special pre-sale.

Guns N’ Roses members Axl Rose, Slash, and Duff McKagan have released a statement mocking people like Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst, and Andrew Dice Clay for taking credit for their reunion.

“Guns N’ Roses would like to respectfully thank the many people taking credit for our upcoming shows and everything in between. Especially those whom we haven’t spoken to in numerous years who, through the power of media, have somehow served a pivotal, even if non-existent role. We, and the fans thank you! #GnFnR.”

  • Corndog

    I imagine that does wonders for his chances of playing with G’n’R…

    • Billy

      nothing is normal with this band. What a rollercoaster

  • Felonious Punk

    Nice job, Adler. No-showing a cancer benefit. A real upstanding gesture on your part…asshole.

    • Toad Wallop

      There might be more to this than we know. This is also the only article I’ve seen about this so far. If he fell of the wagon, then shame shame, but it may be the fact that they want to stay quiet until next month.

    • Toad Wallop

      Part of me thinks that the original 5 will never step foot on a stage together again, which, never say never, but I would have to see it to believe it. Part of me doesn’t really give two shits, while the 13 year old in me thinks it would be kind of cool. I just think Adler has been too quiet. Man couldn’t shut his mouth about this reunion until it was announced, and now dead silence. There almost has to be something to that because he wasn’t the least bit shy before. It just feels fishy. Now, there’s that thing about Izzy on Twitter saying he isn’t a part of it. If Axl and Slash are playing together, and Izzy has been in for shows here and there for 10 years, what’s the damn problem? Fuck them then, I guess.

  • David Bronstein

    @@Thefeloniouspunk:disqus, You’re too quick to judge, we don’t know why he wasn’t at the show.

    • Felonious Punk

      Snap judgements are part of my charm

      Plus, dude no-showed a cancer benefit. A no-show means he didn’t call or notify anyone. Dick move on Adler’s part

  • Tattoo Vampire

    Adler couldn’t clear his busy schedule.

  • CM0175

    Maybe he didn’t show to play with Slash because they want the full impact of a fully reunited band when announcing the tour…not a piecemeal deal where this band member plays with this one here or there.

  • dakotablue

    Ooh, big misfire on Adler’s part; methinks he may have failed the GnR pre-screening test.