Stone Temple Pilots Debut New Scott Weiland Tribute Song Live


Stone Temple Pilots recently debuted “Finest Hour” live in Atlanta. Fans have attributed the lyrics to being inspired by Scott Weiland and Chester Bennington’s deaths. New STP singer Jeff Gutt was friends with Bennington, and greatly admired Weiland. Gutt became STP’s third lead singer in November 2017.

According to CritterTypeThing STP also recently appeared to honor Scott Weiland in Wallingford when performing “Atlanta.” Mid-way through the show Dean walked up to the mic and said something along the lines of “this one reminds us of someone special” and then they went into a really focused performance of Atlanta. Cue the tears. It was a beautiful moment.

“Zero trepidation. For me, it’s been a lifetime of almost getting there,” Jeff Gutt told reporters in New York recently about taking over as singer (via UPI). “So, now, it’s using all those things I’ve learned through all those processes.”

“Those people wait in line for one day and they get their shot. I got my teeth kicked in for a good 25 years,” Gutt said, emphasizing how he did not achieve success overnight. “That’s kind of why I did it. It was kind of like, ‘If anyone can go do this, I can go do it.'”

Even though he came in second, competing on the singing competition series helped raise his profile by allowing him to perform in front of the largest audience possible.

“When that red (camera) light goes on, there’s a good 30 million people watching you live. If you can do that, you can pretty much do anything,” said the singer.

Watch STP debut “Finest Hour” below.

  • Olga Stewart

    What singing competition show was he on?

    • Jayson Matthew Shane Maher

      He was a contestant on the X-Factor in 2012.

      • Gary Reilly

        He should have won IMO. Watch his rendition of Feeling Good, it’s the best version I’ve heard.

        • Olga Stewart

          MIchael Buble, you need to take lessons from this guy on how to sing this particular song. :).

      • Olga Stewart

        Thanks for letting me know. :).

        • Jayson Matthew Shane Maher

          Your welcome, yeah Jeff sounds really good, solid singer.

          • Olga Stewart

            He’s also a both a really loving father and nice guy. :).

      • Olga Stewart

        God but that was good. :).

  • Billy

    they’ve also started doing Six Eight live, which is my fave song from new album.