The Slang Put A Fresh Spin On 90’s Alternative Rock With Desperate Times


Washington D.C. alternative rock power-trio The Slang have returned with their most accomplished release yet. Desperate Times, their 5 song EP sees the band the musical foundations they’ve set down in the past and bring them to full fruition. The tracks are housed in a super clean, crisp production that really lends itself to the band’s super tight arrangements and sharp song-writing.

The Slang present a fresh spin on classic 90’s alternative rock. Opening track, “Back To the Fact” really hits its stride with moments of Gin Blossoms inspired hooks and a punchy rhythm section driving the song. The Slang are a finely tuned, well oiled machine of superior song-writing skill. “Breakdown” benefits again from the vibrant rhythm section and some in your face punchy bass guitar attacks. The haunting lead guitar lines running through the song’s addictive chorus just solidify the impact. “Hindsight is always crystal clear” perhaps the lyric of the album.

Choosing a top track is no east feat on Desperate Times. The EP never lets up. There is never a moment to catch your breath. The Slang hit you over and over with their awesome brand of alternative rock. If forced to take only one song though, it’d be “Is It Any”.

“Is it Any” sees The Slang take their strongest characteristics: punchy bass, driving drums, swift dynamic changes and a killer chorus hook and perfect them all under the house of one song. The song’s chorus is ridiculously catchy and nearly instantly seeps its way into your subconscious leaving you no chance but to sing it for at least an hour after hearing it. Creating an instantly memorable song is no easy task yet somehow The Slang make it look effortless.

Desperate Times could very well be the best description for our current alternative rock world. But when a band like The Slang come around, you can’t help but feel the future is bright for rock. Hurry up and listen to The Slang and Desperate Times! You don’t want miss this band!