Watch Ghost Performance Where Fan Died In Audience


Ghost ended their show at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee, WI on Thursday night after a fan died in the audience (via Ultimate-Guitar).

Ghost tweeted, “Tonight, in Milwaukee there was a medical emergency with one of our fans. We decided not to continue out of respect to him and his family. Ghost and all who work with us ask that you please send the family your thoughts, prayers and respect their privacy during this time.”

A fan under the alias of Ser_Laughing_Tree said via Reddit:

“I was there trying to help him before security came over. He was semi-conscious, and then he stopped breathing. I couldn’t find a pulse. That’s when security started CPR. I think I’m one of the last people he saw. I don’t know how to deal with that.

“All I can think about is his family, who saw the whole thing. My heart goes out to them. Out of respect for him and his family, I won’t say more, so please don’t ask. I’ll never forget you, my fellow ghoul. Rest peacefully.”

Another fan signed as K-ghuleh added:

“This was so awful, they were performing CPR on him for so long. Too many people were being horribly disrespectful and not moving when the security guards told them to make way for the EMTs and cops. Can’t help but wonder if they could have done more if people listened. RIP though man, hope you had a helluva good time for the first half of the show.”
dcamp919 wrote:

“Really sad. Leaving the show I was surprised by the number of people upset because they were inconvenienced by this… Sad state the world is in when a t-shirt is more important than someone’s life.”
lolaohlolaNone wrote:

“Man, we were watching them perform CPR for a while. I feel horrible for everyone involved. Also a big ‘fuck that dude’ to the guy who stormed out yelling ‘this fuckin’ sucks’ when they announced the show was being cut short. What a jerk.”
William Alexander wrote on Facebook:

“I was there and he collapsed next to me. He was a very heavy set man and it was very hot inside the Riverside. Prayers to the family and us Milwaukee fans hope Ghost come back and finish what was an amazing performance \m/”

Watch all videos from the show currently uploaded to YouTube below.